Successful M&A process: Klik & Pay acquires PAYMILL

1 comment / July 15, 2016

After some intensive weeks of negotiation, we are happy to now announce the positive result to the M&A process we started a few months ago. We are delighted to have found a strong partner with Klik & Pay, who will enable us to continue our operational business to its full extent. Klik & Pay, a Swiss and European licensed company, has 16 years of experience in the FinTech industry and is a brand of CYBERservices S.A.. Klik & Pay offers online merchants across the world a simple and secure method of handling online and mobile payments with all relevant payment methods.

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6 Reasons To Learn About Networking (1)

6 Essentials to Learn About Networking

0 comments / July 13, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kara Masterson, who is a freelance writer from Utah.

There are many reasons to be sure to network wherever you go, and to network online as much as you can. Up until around ten years ago, you would go out for networking: you would go to events in your city, or get involved in professional groups in your business area. And this was perfectly fine. In fact, this is even a good way to network today. You can still attend different events and conferences in your field to help you meet people and really get your foot in the door.

However, now-a-days online networking is a lot more common and can be just as effective, if not even more effective.  It is not just about going out into your town and meeting folks, but it’s also about online sites that you can use to network for your business. With computer networking degrees online and a good knowledge of how to run a business you can be among some of the most incredible entrepreneurs.

There are just so many ways to network online that it can make your head spin. The possibilities are endless. There are many things that come up with thinking about networking, but I’ve broken down a few things for you to know about it in general. Hopefully, this will clear up some of your questions.

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5 Easy Tips to Raise Trust for Ecommerce Sites

0 comments / July 6, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kenneth Sytian, CEO of Sytian Productions.

Ecommerce sites are prone to susceptibility for fraud and security risks, as more and more people buy their stuff online. This raises an important question among consumers; how sure are they that their credit card and other sensitive details won’t be compromised?

On the other hand, there are cases of online counterfeit sites that rake in big bucks for bogus sellers. Visitors are under the impression that they are buying branded products, only to find out that their purchased items are counterfeit.

In these worrisome times, how can you convince your users to trust your store? Remember, you cannot force anyone to trust your website, but you can influence your users to trust your website. By influencing your users that your site is trustworthy, it adds weight to their purchasing decision, eventually leading to a sale.

Here are five tips to raise trust for your ecommerce site!

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christmas ecommerce holiday stats

How To Get Ready For The 2016 Holiday Season

1 comment / June 27, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Sharon Paul, Content Writer at The Commerce Shop.

The holiday season is the most beloved time of year for eCommerce site owners. And with each passing year, the eCommerce industry is witnessing record-breaking salesduring the holiday season. According to Statista, the 2015 holiday season had an incredible $79.01 billion in sales revenue and is expected to increase by 13.3% this year!

You might be wondering why we’re talking about holiday season when it’s barely summer. But for an eCommerce site owner, now is the ideal time to start online sale preparations in order to make the most of the 2016 holiday season. Don’t just take our word for it – Brock Murray, director of Web marketing at seoplus+, states, “My number one tip is to prepare your Christmas campaigns in September or earlier.”

Now that you’ve decided to think about preparing your online store for the 2016holiday season, here are some best practices and tips for smooth holiday sales.

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e-commerce optimisation

How to Keep Your E-Commerce System Functioning at Optimum Capacity

0 comments / June 20, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Anica Oaks, who is a freelance writer and web enthusiast.

The unwavering increase in online shopping is launching e-commerce to greater heights. Businesses that will turn a blind eye to this potent opportunity risk fizzling out into obscurity.

This underscores the importance of businesses having a system that adequately addresses consumer needs on the internet. Here are some crucial ways to help you enjoy maximum benefits from an e-commerce platform.

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startup security

11 Basic Security Checks Your Startup Needs to Make

1 comment / May 24, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Kevin Whelan who is CTO at ITC Secure Networking

As a startup, security is probably not that high on your list of priorities. You may be more focused on development, finding investment (or keeping investors happy) and building a profile for your brand. Like any business, the implications of a security failure for a startup only really become apparent when something happens and the damage is already done. However, unfortunately for younger companies – with delicately balanced finances and a fragile, new reputation – the consequences of a security breach can be much more serious. So, get ahead of the curve and carry out these basic security checks for your startup now.

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payment ecommerce

How To Optimize Each Step Of Your Customer’s E-commerce Experience

0 comments / May 19, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Daniel Matthews who is a writer with a passion for tech and business.

The customer’s experience determines how they define your business—how they view what you do. This experience, in a word, is ongoing. It starts when they first hear about you, or when they first experience you.

To illustrate: you go over to a friend’s house for dinner. Your friend has been slow- cooking pulled pork in a Crock Pot. It’s good. You’re intrigued. But first you want to research whether most people prefer Crock Pot over other brands. Your internet research backs your friend up. Being the tech type, you buy a Crock Pot online. Or, you prefer human interaction so you buy in-store. Either way, your payment experience is quick and easy. You’re satisfied.

That is the arc of a quality experience, good from the first touchpoint through to the transaction.

According to Base Creative branding strategist Woody Yip, the unique experience arc is one of the trends to watch. People are “experience hungry”, and, “Shopping is no longer restricted to either physical stores or online but is moving towards a fluid exchange that can play out in creative ways.”

Mr. Yip cites a Mckinsey study that says more than 90 percent of people will conduct online research. According to the US Census Bureau, E-Commerce retail sales went up 14.6 percent from 2014 to 2015, totaling $341.7 billion in sales.

To optimize your customer’s e-commerce experience, you should look into optimizing each touchpoint of the experience. Here’s how:

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mobile ux trends

11 Tactics To Maximize Your E-Commerce Social Media Marketing

0 comments / May 17, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Nancy Grace who is a social media expert and writer

One of the toughest challenges online store owners come across is increasing the traffic of their e-commerce store. Also, knowing where to begin and how to stand out from the thousands of online shops who are competing for the same traffic are other daunting challenges they go through.

The huge growth in the e-commerce world has made it tougher for e-commerce websites to gain the attention of critical number of visitors. These critical visitors later on become potential customers.

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creating user guides and manuals

5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your User Guides And Manuals

1 comment / May 10, 2016

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Sameer Bhatia who is founder & CEO of ProProfs

If you have just acquired user manual software or looking to potentially power up your manuals and process handling then this is the post for you. Overtime, user guides and manuals have become a common necessity for many activities and client related products. After all, you can’t deliver a service or product without having proper documentation in order to support usage and handling. The problem is that many of these documents follow the same linear structure and are often pushed away since navigation and usability aren’t always that great.

So, what can you do about it? How can you deliver awesome user guidelines and manuals so that results are significantly improved? Read on to find out.

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security for websites

How To Protect Your E-commerce Checkout From Fraud

0 comments / May 3, 2016

Editor’s note: This is guest post by John Stevens who loves to code websites, and improve their UX.

With major leaks and fraudulent transactions on the rise, online security has become a serious topic for consumers and online businesses – with consumers worried about their online data being nabbed by malicious hackers everywhere, and online businesses concerned about lost revenue., an authority in payments and commerce, discovered there has been a major increase in online fraud transactions. Online fraud has jumped a significant 11% since the shift of these fraudsters online. Digital goods retailers were victimized by these fraudulent operators.

According to a report by, fraudsters have now “optimized” their stolen data. Before, all they cared about was the means of getting purchasing power from stolen credit card data. Nowadays, they have taken things up a notch; they’re also stealing account information that enables to them to do more than just counterfeit transactions online.

Once your account gets hacked through the information you previously provided, it will be easier for these people to continuously hack through all your information online. For example, using a weak payment gateway can get your account susceptible to fraudulent activities. It will be easier to log in your personal accounts and purchase things you don’t even need. Accruing loyalty points is their main objective; they can collect the rewards and gift certificates that will help them get what they want.

This can all start with a malware you accidentally downloaded, or a site-wide leak similar to Spotify’s mishap. Which is why in this post we’ll outline what you can do to protect your e-commerce checkout from fraudulent activity.

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