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7 Hurdles To Overcome When Starting An E-commerce Business

0 comments / November 16, 2015

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by David Campbell who blogs about customer service trends for ClickDesk

There’s no denying that in today’s time e-commerce is the most popular and profitable medium of reaching out to customers. But it isn’t always that easy to set up and establish a name in the market. So many entrepreneurs have faced hurdles while handling their business, but a few decisions and pre-planned elements could help overcome these barriers. When you set off to start your business, you’ll be concerned about inventory, capital, technical issues and so much more. Let’s talk about how we can deal with such hurdles and turn them in your own favor.

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3 Simple Checkout Strategies To Boost Christmas Sales

0 comments / November 13, 2015

In the past few weeks, we looked at how to prepare your e-commerce website for the holiday season and outlined tips on how to take advantage of the increased traffic that will be coming your way.

This week we’ll take a look at the most vital part of your online shop – the checkout process. It’s the last step in your conversion, where people have done their research and landed on your doorstep to finally buy from you.

In this post, we’ll tell you a few things you can do to help keep your checkout abandonment to a minimum and to boost your Christmas sales.

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holiday season optimisation tips

Top 3 Holiday Optimisation Tips For E-commerce Websites

0 comments / November 6, 2015

As the countdown for Christmas continues, you’ll want to do everything you can to be prepared for the increased traffic your e-commerce website will be attracting.

A reported 40% of holiday shopping occurring online in 2014 and with that number showing no signs of decreasing – holiday shopping in 2015 is expected to hit new heights. Which represents a huge opportunity for online businesses to increase their sales.

So how can you take advantage of the busiest time of the year? In this post I’ll outline three holiday optimisation tips to help you convert more online visitors into paying customers.

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The Venetian, Las Vegas

Impressions From Money20/20

0 comments / November 4, 2015

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Money20/20 at The Venetian in Las Vegas. The three-day conference attracted over 10K visitors, 1000+ CEOs and 550+ speakers this year – making it one of the largest conferences focused on financial technology (fintech).

In general I believe that the biggest benefit for attending a conference such as Money20/20 is the opportunity to network and the density of high quality people in one place is just phenomenal.

There was definitely a lot to take in and for this post I want share some of my impressions from the conference with you.

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holiday shopping

3 Things Every E-commerce Website Should Have Ready For The Holidays

0 comments / October 29, 2015

Holiday season is upon us and for most online businesses this represents a huge opportunity as everyone’s rushing to get their gifts on time and browsing online for the best deals.

It’s also when online shops generate the majority of their annual revenue – making it the most important period for businesses. But with everyone running their own promotions, the question on everybody’s mind is: How to get the most people to buy from your online shop?

Today we’ll look at three things every e-commerce website should have in place for the holiday season to maximise their sales.

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saas resources

Top Resources For SaaS Entrepreneurs To Grow Their Startup

0 comments / October 23, 2015

Whether you’re just starting out or have already launched your SaaS product, there’s always something new to learn or to improve. The great thing today is that there’s a great deal of information online about building and scaling a SaaS startup.

However, it can be hard to know exactly where to start and what you should be reading to get the latest developments and stay updated on all the best practices. So in this post, we want to share a list of all the best resources we’re following with you.

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SaaS founder tips

5 Unconventional Tips From a SaaS Startup Founder

0 comments / October 14, 2015

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Niraj Ranjan Rout who is the founder of Hiver.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 3 out of 4 startups fail. I wonder where we go wrong! Is it the conventions that we are conditioned to follow? Is it Big Data which has made us myopic?

I started Hiver in mid-2011 to build a collaboration tool that would let people stay in their inboxes and yet get work done efficiently.

Having run the company for more than 4 years now, I have learned that not everything that they taught us in college can be put to work. There are lessons that were always meant to be learnt the hard way.

Over the course of running Hiver, I have put together a small list of unconventional tips for startup founders.

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open source developers

Why We Open Sourced Our Documentation

0 comments / October 7, 2015

If you’re a PAYMILL follower you may have noticed that a new Developer Centre came out to replace our old documentation a few months ago.

It may seem at first sight that changes are mostly cosmetics but in reality there’s more behind the scene.

Taking the leap

I had the idea for a while to make our documentation source available publicly on GitHub. Like many developers today, I’m using Git on a day-to-day basis. For almost anything. Not because Git is great (it is but Mercurial users could argue that there’s nothing so special there) but because GitHub exists.

There have been public code repositories available since people needed to share code but contributions to Open Source projects exploded with the creation of GitHub.

But it was still feeling a bit weird to imagine the source of a commercial service documentation being open to all … Until I saw Robin Johnson from SendGrid explaining how great this experience had been for them.

The process has not been easy since we had to create a new system meeting our requirements and migrate all the docs from their current format to Markdown so that anyone can contribute easily but I can tell you now that it was really worth it.

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shopping cart abandonment

5 Effective Actions to Decreasing Shopping Cart Abandonment

0 comments / September 30, 2015

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Jodie Pride who is a Content Creator at Veeqo

Let’s be honest – we’ve all abandoned an online shopping cart at some point, probably when we’ve spent 25 minutes entering countless mundane details about our life and thought: “this is far too much effort, I really don’t want a cat fridge magnet that much after all”.

Shopping cart abandonment is a common occurrence in the e-commerce world – so much so that in 2013 as many as 74% of e-commerce shopping carts were abandoned. It happens when a customer has filled their shopping basket, but left the website before checking out.

But why? Some of the most common reasons for shopping cart abandonment are:

“Are we there yet?”

People are impatient. People are busy. They aren’t likely to spend more than a few minutes filling out forms with personal details, or waiting for pages to load. If your checkout process is lengthy and cumbersome, you risk the chance of losing customers.

“Wait, what?!”

Confusing your customers is going to frustrate them, and frustrated customers are unlikely to commit to a purchase. If your checkout process is unclear, people aren’t going to go out of their way to work it out, they’ll most likely buy from somewhere less confusing.


If your site looks a bit dated or you ask for too much information, your customers are going to be cautious and wary of you. You could risk losing their trust if you arouse this kind of suspicion – people don’t like giving their personal details out, especially to places that don’t seem legitimate.

“Just looking, thanks”

Online shopping can work the same way as shopping in the “real world” – people can still browse, window shop and put things in their basket that they’re still unsure about buying. Sometimes they might see a better offer or an alternative product and ditch your website for greener pastures.

So what can you do to reduce shopping cart abandonment? Here are a couple of things you can do to improve the checkout process.

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