Onboarded & processing: 5 request, that might come from your payment service provider

0 comments / November 16, 2017

When your online store is up and running and you are already processing payments, it is not uncommon for your payment processor to contact you after the activation of your account. These requests can concern the processing of your account, specific transactions and or compliance issues, just to list a few. They are in general important and a prompt response is needed in most cases. The contact by email or phone might come from your processor, however the initial request might have been raised by the acquiring bank, regulators such as VISA and MasterCard and other financial institutions related to the processing of your transactions and payments.

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Minimizing the Unsubscribe Rates and Churn for Your SaaS Application

0 comments / November 14, 2017

Churn is nothing unusual for an SaaS company — but it is bothersome. If you can understand how to minimize it, you can grow your business. That all sounds simple enough. But as David Skok explains, the paradox is that the more your SaaS business grows, the more your unsubscribe rate can take a hit for the worse. As a result, you’re not really growing. If your churn gets out of control, you might even lose more customers each month than you’re actually gaining. This is akin to cash flow where there is more money going out than is coming in. As a result, your business dies because it costs you five times as much to acquire new customers as it does to retain existing ones. 

To make things even trickier, finding a solution is difficult because all SaaS companies are different. If you’re in the digital goods niche, join me as I take a look at how you can reduce your unsubscribe rates and churn for your SaaS application.

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Social media

How Does Social Media Marketing help SEO, PPC & Email?

2 comments / October 24, 2017

Word of mouth used to be the ideal way to sell your products. People would buy something from you, and tell their friends – who would then buy something from you. You would naturally build an audience. Now, that commerce is shifting from physical shops to eCommerce stores, word of mouth has switched from actual mouths onto social media.

If you run an eCommerce business, then social media marketing is the best way to generate word of mouth and brand awareness. That being said, it also has a positive effect on the other digital marketing that you will most likely be running. Social media marketing has value in itself, but treated correctly – it can also amplify the benefits of other digital marketing.

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Business People hangout together at coffee shop

Generate Income from Leads: Top 5 Ways for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

0 comments / October 19, 2017

Despite the fact that earlier people considered blogging as a perfect tool to have some fun on the web, nowadays it’s a great moneymaking machine. Moreover, blogging is a hobby, which allows you to showcase your own style, point of view, and to state yourself as a brand.

Here is the same thing with an entrepreneurship. People are sick of bosses and a routine job, for this reason, everyone tries to become independent by growing the income online. In fact, it is not as easy as it seems at a glance. You need to work hard to get your audience and to keep it engaged.

So, if you have your own blog or any kind of online business, you have to build tight relations with your visitors and to become a source of a reliable opinion for them. However, if you’re looking for an automatic cash flow with your blog or online entrepreneurship, there are some proven ways to succeed.

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Balladier Watches

We proudly present our new Merchant of the Month… Ballardier Watches

0 comments / October 11, 2017

At PAYMILL we love our merchants and are enthusiastic about their products and services. That is why we choose every month one of them to be our amazing Merchant of the Month. Doing so, we select particularly innovative business models, exciting products or unusual services.

We are proud to present Ballardier Watches as a new Merchant of the Month.

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Emilie Plassin

A multilingual customer service – 3 steps to improve your communications

0 comments / October 4, 2017

Global business environment is demanding and you want to grow your client’s database and aim to increase sales & revenues in order to be more competitive? Are you ready to go international or you already are international? Challenge accepted! In today’s post I would like to address how to improve the communications with your customers when providing a multilingual support. Here are a few tips to provide a better customer service & support.

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email marketing

How to Drastically Improve your E-mail Marketing Productivity

0 comments / September 27, 2017

In a constantly evolving marketing environment, email is still and always will be, a valuable tool to communicate in a personal manner with your potential customers. As an email marketing professional, one must always look to improve his productivity. You may already be aware that email is your single most effective tool to increase your income and improving the productivity will pay you huge dividends.

On an average day, nearly 144 billion emails are sent. More than half of them are marketing ads sent from various eCommerce platforms. To be a bright star among this stardust is not easy. Thankfully, there are some tried and tested strategies that will help you get your emails clicked.

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Health Products

How to Stay Ahead of the Natural Health Product Trends for Your Online Business

0 comments / September 19, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Mostafa El-Bermawy, a startup growth and marketing strategist. 

The ecommerce growth potential in the natural health product industry is enormous – especially in Europe. Germany is one of the world’s largest markets for ecommerce and the number of online consumers is expected to grow to over 49 million  by next year. The natural health product industry itself is growing continuously, with annual increases in multiple segments, from beauty products to natural health foods.

In this vast market, things can change rather quickly. Staying on top of the trends can be difficult, but it can also be greatly beneficial to the success of your company. Here is what you can do to keep up.

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kris-atomic-73939 (1)

5 Significant Reasons Why Fashion Ecommerce Brands will guide Retail’s Growth

0 comments / September 13, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Joseph Payne, marketing manager at CouponsMonk.com

The fashion industry has undergone an absolute revolution. Nowadays consumers describe expediency by being capable of browsing a full variation of items through apps, mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops, in stores; also approach consumer-generated content [CGC], and at last, select the excellent delivery options.

Fashion retailers and brands have re-adapted their business models greatly, providing themselves with trendiest technology platforms to maintain smooth pace with more number of demanding consumers and continue being ahead of assertive start-ups competition.

Well, shopping for colorful clothes and shining accessories is a personal as well as an emotional experience. Besides treating yourself with the pleasure of retail therapy, shopping also keeps you updated on the classic, trendy style, and also it is the entry towards articulating our personality while socializing with our family and friends.

Fashion has a vital impact on self-satisfaction of the individual. Those known brands who apprehend such touching emotions and also make the shoppers feel exciting are the ones who can make long-lasting customer relationships.

Categorically men have been portrayed as grab-and-go kind of shopper, whereas women linger among several colorful outfits where they take a longer time to trail, relish and savor those experiences, and then decide to buy them.

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