Ecommerce In 2018: 10 Trends You Need To Keep Tabs On!

0 comments / April 5, 2018

The trends of E-Commerce are changing constantly and the trends that excelled in the previous year will fall short in this year. You cannot resist changes because of the constant evolution in technology and the competitiveness of businesses.

Keeping up with the current E-Commerce trends is crucial for every business in order to let sales grow fast. It is necessary to know that monitoring these specific trends is not a hobby anymore; in fact, no business can survive without valuing them.

The E-Commerce trends of 2018 will definitely drive your E-Commerce business forward hence you should gear up for it. You find that the retail E-Commerce sales went up to $2.290 in 2017 and they are expected to reach up to $4.479 by 2021.

It is not just a post, in fact, it is a complete guide to make the most out of latest E-Commerce trends and get a huge success in the business world. Followings are those trends so go through all of them properly.

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Pros And Cons Of E-Commerce In Android Marketing

0 comments / April 4, 2018

For many small businesses or top app development companies in USA with brick and mortar establishment, exploring the potentials of e-commerce may seem enticing, and many even venture into it without a proper understanding of the concept and its pros and cons. Here is a vital guide to the advantages and disadvantages of employing e-commerce for Android device marketing.

But before getting into the pros and cons it is essential to get an understanding of what e-commerce is. E-commerce describes any form of business where the buying and selling occur online. There are millions of e-commerce outfits spread across the web currently, but in the early days of the digital era, Amazon and eBay were the most dominant retailers on the web.

The market for e-commerce has grown tremendously since the early days of Amazon and eBay. According to one research, 96% of Americans were found to do their shopping online or consider online shopping as an essential aspect of their purchasing character. The astronomical rise in online shopping can be attributed to a couple of factors, one of which is the increase in technology which supports shopping online. Others include a growing reliance on the flexibility that mobile devices, particularly Android, offers and the society’s desire for convenience in completing day to day activities.

E-commerce makes online shopping wonderful. With just a click of the mouse or the tap of a button, you can purchase any product you desire, and it could be delivered directly to your doorstep. No wonder the e-commerce market is valued at billions of dollars and projected to rise even higher in the foreseeable future. Although e-commerce might seem like a lucrative venture, there are rules that guide it. It has its strength and weakness. It is important that any business or top app development companies considering e-commerce is fully aware of all these.

Below are 6 pros and cons of e-commerce for Android marketing.

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Customer Centricity in intercultural Customer Support

0 comments / March 28, 2018

“Above and beyond, not only are we an innovation company, we are in service of our clients. “ Ginni Rometty

Customer care activity involves contact with people in all social and cultural environments. Your request is the personal option for your need. Our goal is to satisfy all your needs through the services you choose!

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” followed us all when we were young, but I cannot say that what I wanted in my childhood was to work in the customer care. It is important to me now that I have discovered that this is the thing I like, and I think the results come only by doing things with pleasure and involvement.
Interhuman relationship define me. Personally, I have developed over time a passion for foreign languages … they are ultimately only a connection way in terms of the passion to work with people … The greatest achievement for me is to see how we grow together and how much we have evolved.
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The Definitive Guide to a Data-Driven E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

0 comments / March 26, 2018

A data-driven business is one that requires the use of data to inform all business decisions. A data-driven marketing strategy is very much the same – a marketing strategy that requires the use of data to inform marketing decisions. The key differentiator between a data-driven business strategy and a data-driven marketing strategy is this: A data-driven business strategy depends on many different types of data. However, a data-driven marketing strategy revolves solely around customer data.

As such, data-driven marketing facilitates a customer-centric mindset without shifting the focus away from revenue. This alone makes data-driven marketing an ideal approach for the modern e-commerce business.

Today’s blog post is a primer on data-driven marketing. We’ll explain how to kick-start your own data-driven marketing strategy, and why data-driven marketing is so effective. Then we’ll provide you with some real-world examples of successful data-driven marketing.

Let’s get started.

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Product Pages

How to Optimize Your eCommerce Product Pages for SEO and Conversions

0 comments / March 22, 2018

When it comes to your product pages, all you gotta do is put a few high-res pictures in, make sure there aren’t any typos, and make your “Checkout” button big and clear, right? Well, not quite.

Think of it this way: A great product page doesn’t simply convey information to shoppers… It also preempts any questions that shoppers might have, provides social proof for their peace of mind, and convinces them to make that purchase – all while appeasing search engines. In this article, I’ll teach you how to optimize your eCommerce product pages for SEO and conversions.

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Landing pages for SaaS

9 Things to Optimize SaaS Landing Pages

0 comments / March 13, 2018

Landing Page optimization is becoming crucial for the SaaS when they try to attract the audience and take its attention more than competitors. Landings are used to hook potential clients up by telling the ways company`s product can solve client`s problem, and to ensure them that it has hit the target in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, landing page – is an effective way for converting traffic and generating leads for SaaS websites.

In our post we are going to show the most important points for SaaS landing page optimization, and teach you how to land your users on the main page softly and make them: buy, register, download files,  subscribe, fill in the required form or to go to the desired page.

SaaS landing page must be “sharpen” for the search engines and potential clients, and they explain what words will convince both of them. Have you done all your best to present your product? Take a moment to do this, because landing page directly effects on your sales.

For landing page optimization, SearchEva team have formulated the key drivers to increase the effectiveness of SaaS website you may try to comply with right there: 

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Emilie Plassin

The customer relation and quality approach in customer service

0 comments / March 13, 2018

To deal with a customer is a more complex and convoluted approach. It requires adapted behaviours. In other words, working in customer service does not fit to everyone. In today’s world, the border between supporting (customer) and selling (vendor) is very slight, because of the fast development of our society and the relationship with the customers in constant evolution. This blog will give you a better picture of the relation and quality in customer service. To conclude, we will approach the e-commerce industry.

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The State of Chargebacks: Top 8 Takeaways from the New Study

1 comment / March 1, 2018

Most merchants have some degree of experience with chargebacks. If not…it’s probably just a matter of time.

Transaction disputes are increasingly common. In fact, chargebacks will cost online merchants more than $30 billion a year by 2020. The problem is that most merchants have no real insight into why customers file chargebacks, or how to address chargebacks triggers, because solid information is very difficult to come-by.

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Nischen marketing

Maximizing the Return on Marketing Investment in Your Niche

0 comments / February 28, 2018

 “A few primary keys to becoming a leader in business include having a clear intent or purpose, a truly inspiring vision, a grand message to share, a genuine social calling and a targeted niche to serve.” John Frederick Demartini

A lot has been said about niche marketing that may make you feel it’s overkill. However, it is such an important aspect of a business that it needs repeating.

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Better Business: 4 Sales Models That Are Worth Their Salt

0 comments / February 20, 2018

Your sales model serves as the backbone for your business. It’s how your business makes money, which means figuring out your sales model isn’t something to take lightly. You need to make sure you find a sales model that fits the products your business offers and gives you the best chances of success. With all the different sales models out there, this can be tough to do. To help you choose, here are four of the most popular sales models businesses currently use.

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