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Selling More Products Through Social Media Campaigns – 5 Methods That Tell You How

0 comments / January 16, 2018

As a marketer there are numerous ways to promote your products and services. Social media networks have a vast reach and are an excellent way to build brand awareness. Most companies have realized this and have begun investing time and effort in social media campaigns. Get additional info about how the right social media can slingshot your business.

However, it is essential to have a solid strategy in place to start seeing results. The resource page over at idigic is recommended reading for strategies and nuances about brand building using social media.

Here are 5 ways to sell more products through social media.

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You have low mailbox usage

“Why My Emails are Landing in Spam?”: Email Marketing Guide

0 comments / January 9, 2018

Email marketing is still big and is used by most companies to communicate useful information to their users and increase sales. However, not all your emails land in your user’s inbox. As a matter of fact, a study conducted by Return Path revealed that only 79% of emails land in the user’s inbox while the rest either get blocked or go to spam. What’s the reason behind it? Webmail providers study your recipient’s behaviour closely and flag the quality of your emails accordingly. This means your subscribers could flag your email though you might not be spamming. Before you get down to cracking solutions, first look at the various reasons due to which your emails might be getting marked as spam.

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Is the Overuse of Technology Killing Your Sales Results?

Is the Overuse of Technology Killing Your Sales Results?

0 comments / January 3, 2018

From managing existing customers to sales consulting and social selling, the use of technology within sales organisations has an important function. Indeed, in the 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, CSO Insights identified technology as being one of the keys to a successful sales enablement strategy. 
Yet, while technology can be of great value to businesses, it is vital that companies to not rely too heavily on it and neglect other, more traditional sales strategies and methods. In actual fact, when sales organisations over-utilise technology or rely on it too heavily, it can have a detrimental effect on their overall business results.

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13 things you need to know about freight forwarding

0 comments / December 27, 2017

Freight forwarding is one of the most popular methods of international transport, not only for business but for personal use, too. Freight forwarding companies, like the International Logistics Centre, are in charge of coordinating the shipment of goods between two destinations. In order to do this, they use a range of carriers, including air freight, road freight, ocean freight and, occasionally, railway freight. Freight forwarding might seem like a confusing process, but these thirteen facts you need to know about freight forwarding will help you through the procedure. Read more


9 Ways to Make Online Payment Easy for Your Customers

0 comments / December 19, 2017

Online payment is usually the final step of any online transaction, and to make customers feel satisfied with services, merchants have to make the online payment safe, fast and easy to follow. It is important for ecommerce owners to make the checkout process as easy and simple as possible to critically increase sales. The importance of a convenient payment method cannot be overstated. Here are 9 tips that will help you to make the online payment method easy for customers.

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Profitable Loyalty Programs: Here’s How to Make It A 2018 Reality for Your Ecommerce Store

0 comments / December 12, 2017

A successful customer loyalty program allows you to celebrate frequent customers and reward them with deals that make them buy more and love your store more. When done right, everybody wins, and you get a slew of people who want to talk about how great you are. The trick is making sure that your program engages and entices the customer the first time and then the fiftieth time they take part. We all know that it can cost as much as 20-times more to get a new customer than to keep existing ones, so you really want to try and make sure that you are spending your dollars smart and keeping those customers. The Harvard Business School even notes that increasing customer retention rate by 5% can increase your profits by as little as 25% or as much as 95%.
Now you know that you can benefit from a loyalty program. Let’s look at how you can create your own and keep it profitable.

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Why Accepting Bitcoin is the Future of Internet Transactions

0 comments / December 7, 2017

Bitcoin is still around 7 years after its detractors predicted its rapid demise. Not only has Bitcoin survived, but it has also thrived, becoming the Internets first digital currency. In November of 2017, be have seen Bitcoin reach the unimaginable threshold of $10,000 USD per BTC (Bitcoin) before retracting to hold steady around $7500 USD per BTC. Yes, Bitcoin is an extremely volatile financial instrument, but it has remained rather bulletproof against hacks, regulations and a conventional sector that was hell bent on derailing it. With Bitcoin adoption rates at an all time high and Bitcoin taking its place as the Internet’s very own currency, has the time come to include Bitcoin as a payment method on your site? The simple answer is yes, and you should have implemented a Bitcoin payment gateway years ago. facts on the crypto-currency tell us Bitcoin and blockchain technology are here to stay. Here is why Bitcoin is the future of Internet transactions and why you should accept it, if you haven’t already.

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5 Hidden Costs of Running An Ecommerce Site That You Must Keep An Eye On

0 comments / November 28, 2017

Starting your own online store is a dream come true for every entrepreneur. However, cash flow is the lifeline of every business and unless you have enough money to run your business, your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Most first-time ecommerce business owners make the mistake of focusing too much on growth, while neglecting the cost of running their business. As a result, many hidden costs crop up and snowball into large expenses, eat into your profits, and eventually slow down your company.

Here are 5 hidden costs that can hurt your Ecommerce business if you don’t monitor them regularly.

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