Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Dante Munnis, a content manager on essayrepublic.com

When you have a business, it is essential that you keep the leads coming in. The problem, of course, is how do you do that? Sure, you can do it the old-fashioned way. The problem with that is that people have been exposed to the tried and true methods to such an extent that sooner or later they are going to start ringing false. It is not just that either. Sometimes you need a bit of creativity for your employee’s sake as well. After all, if they have to repeat the same script and the same methods over and over again, they are going to get tired and possibly even fed up. That is not a ticket to employee retention. So, here we’re going to look at some techniques that will both generate leads and let you be a bit more creative in how you generate them.

Market with semi-competitors

If you make widgets then you probably do not want to market with another widget maker. If, however, they make thingamajigs, then it is a wholly different story. What I meant to say was that if you get another company that makes something similar to yourself, but not exactly the same involved in the marketing and you team up, then you will have a great opportunity to:

  • Do something creative, as you are able to do much more since you are both only footing half of the bill.
  • Get different perspectives and ideas about your own market from somebody that sees everything that you are doing at a tangent from how you perceive them.

Of course, this works even better if your products are largely complimentary. Then both brands can talk up the other and – as they are not blowing their own horn – look better for it besides.

Content marketing

Okay, I hear you. Content marketing is not exactly new. You have heard of it before, I am sure. The thing is, it does allow for a lot of creativity. Particularly if you have a B2C business you can try out a lot of different things, but even content marketing for B2B can be quite creative, if you are willing to try something new.

The best way to make sure your content marketing is creative and leads to the maximum employee motivation is to have everybody get involved. Let everybody come up with ideas that are specifically related to what they are doing.

People in sales will have different insights from those down at production. And both of them will have completely different ideas from what you yourself would have come up with.

By letting them explore and offer insight about what is close to their heart (and what they spend the most time thinking about) you might end up with some insightful articles that you otherwise would never have had written up.

Create relationships with influencers

The great thing about influencers is that they can be a hugely different walk of life from you and your crew. That means that if you get them involved, you are not only going to be able to access an entirely new segment of the market, but you will also get some insights into your product that you otherwise might not have. They might very well give you the consumer’s perspective.

So how do you get influencers involved in lead generation? In a word, slowly. Unless you right out want to buy their help (which some might see as compromising them as influencers) you will need to build up a relationship first. The best way I have found to do that is to start asking them to guest blog and beta test your wares, in return for an honest review.

Then, through the wonderful power of familiarity breeds liking (and your wonderful personality of course) they’ll become more positively disposed towards you, giving you ever more access to their network and creating ever more opportunities to generate leads.

Create customer referral programs

If you have a good referral system in place, then making your current customers happy can become a very powerful lead generation tool. After all, most people will not push a product – even if they can get some nice bonuses in return – to their friends if they themselves do not like it.

So, you have to make sure that they like it (and stay your customers).

In fact, bringing straying customers back to the fold is a fantastic lead generation technique. It generates more money and costs less in terms of marketing. Coupled with an effective strategy to have them talk up their product to their friends and families, so much the better. In this way, you will get the best of both worlds – customer retention and new lead generation.

Last words

The best lead generation strategy is one where you are in fact employing multiple different strategies. In this way, when one strategy for some reason does not turn out to be quite as effective this month, you have the other strategies to pick up the slack.

For that reason, it is always vital to keep thinking of new ways and new techniques to bring in the leads. In this way, you will avoid putting all your eggs in one basket and keep things interesting for your sales and marketing team besides.

So do not just try one of these strategies. Instead, focus on trying them all. In that way, you will be more likely to find what you are good at as a team, keep things more interesting for your people and stabilize your lead generation over time besides. Now, how can you possibly argue against that as a strategy?

Author BIO: Dante Munnis is a content manager on essayrepublic.com. He shares ideas on how to attract more customers to your business and various marketing techniques to use to accomplish it. You can get in touch with Dan via Twitter.

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