The basket is filled to the brim but the actual buying process is interrupted in the middle. “Lying abandoned” shopping carts are a thorn in the side of every online retailer. Listrak has estimated that 18 billion euros is the total value left in abandoned shopping carts.

Why is the check-out addition to a concise store the most important component of a successful online store?

The following criteria is key:

  • A clear and understandable guide to help customers through the entire process (breadcrumb)
  • A faster, easier and clearer process without visual distractions
  • Clear and understandable call-to-action buttons
  • Clear process navigation
  • Waiver of compulsory registration
  • No hidden costs, means all costs are transparently listed
  • Advantage communication in the footer
  • The customer must always be given a sense of security

The actual payment process is the most important factor. According to a WorldPay study, 22% of global e-commerce transactions are made with alternative payment methods such as PayPal or Click&Buy.

This is what PAYMILL offers; a quick and easy to integrate solution. Our API allows the payment process to happen completely in the check-out process. There is no re-direct to an external page (PayPal, Click&Buy). The result is that a customer never has to leave the actual check-out and he remains in the flow.

For online merchants, the advantage is that they only need to integrate a form, we take care of all the technical details.

Please click here for further information. Our API can be easily integrated into any conventional shop system, as well as every imaginable programming language too!

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