We’re pretty excited to announce that we just added our REST API as a service on Zapier through their developer interface. It allows PAYMILL customers to customize and receive SMS/e-mail notifications for example or save some of the payment details on a Google Spreadsheet automatically when a new payment is completed on a PAYMILL account. Every Zapier service exposes a defined set of actions which are triggered by polling the respective REST API, either on an interval or through webhook events, and exposes the collected data to other services. Two services can then be combined into a repeatable task template, which is called a “zap”, through their very user-friendly web interface. After being configured, “zaps” are then run as tasks every time new data is available.

Zapier has a pretty comprehensive list of services and any user can create either a new service or “zaps” on their account, which they can then share with other users. We also developed several “zaps”, which are currently available on their service catalogueintegrating our API with Twillio, Google Talk, Google Spreadsheets (including Google Apps accounts), Hipchat and Campfire.

Currently we are only exposing transaction information. To connect your PAYMILL account on Zapier you just need your account private key which is available under API Keys in your user settings.

You can test it right now since they offer a free plan which allows 100 task runs per month.

We hope you like it!

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