We have been incredibly busy the last weeks. First, we have been working hard to bring more and more exciting new product features to you. Some of the news will be released this week – stay tuned! In addition to that we have been around at quite a few events the last days and we are happy to share our experiences with you:

The first stop was Start-up Day Stockholm. After Carl Waldekranz’s opening speech (Carl is the Founder of Tictail, the easiest way to start an online store today) we met an incredible amount of great start-ups and other interested people who stopped by at our booth and asked tough questions. Some people were generally interested in implementing our solution, others gave valuable tipps how we can make our blog content more useful (yes, we put this on our agenda) and another one even asked for an innovative payment solution which can be implemented in smart TV technologies in the future. We gathered a lot of inspiration and feedback and many ideas how to make the PAYMILL product even better and which features to work on. The Nordic start-up scene seems to have a lot of energy. Thanks guys, we had a blast!

Then off to Berlin – the emerging start-up center in Europe. On a side note: We are already looking forward to Techcrunch Disrupt (October 27th to 29th, Berlin) which will be taking place in October in Europe for the first time. PAYMILL is hosting an amazing API workshop – mark your calenders. NEXT Conference was great to experience the Berlin spirit too. Many people from the US flew in and panel moderator Hermione Way said she is seeing the same quality in European start-ups now like she does in the US. When she got off the plane from San Francisco in Berlin she didn’t even realize she had left San Francisco since Berlin felt very similarly. That’s the way to go Europe! We met our friends from Mailjet and we will do a couple of cool things together in the near future. At the same time commercetools hosted the very first e-commerce API Hackathon in Betahaus. Lots of cool hacks and demos, the winner team PayForMe set up a very nice solution both integrating the PAYMILL API as well as the Mailjet API. If you want to buy something but want someone else to pay for it PayForMe sends an e-mail to the other person including the request to pay for it. Especially for kids who want their parents to pay for something this is a great solution. An inspiring hack which even has the potential to become a real business. Amazing job guys! We were happy to give away Kindle Fire as prices.

Next stop: Amsterdam, the TheNextWeb conference. Going to Amsterdam always feels like returning to TheNextWeb Family. Cozy atmosphere – both in the city as well as around the conference venue. Up to 2.000 people were fitting in there – a great size to bump into one another quite frequently but still providing enough space to explore various opportunities. Start-ups from all over the world were present at the event: For example Croak.it from India or the guys from Hubskip who just launched their new Beta Version and happily integrated Paymill as their payment solution. It was also great to meet up with Sush.io – amazing guys who gave a great demo on stage. They are launching in two weeks, check out their website here. Infogr.am won the start-up competition and lots of other cool start-ups from various places across Europe and beyond pitched their ideas. It feels like once a year the whole European Tech scene gathers in Amsterdam. A huge thanks to the organizers who managed to create an inspiring and family like atmosphere – with a broad range of speakers ranging from Wolfram Alpha (who introduced his mathematical model to explain the universe using huge amounts of data to the audience) to Tim Ferriss who shared his knowledge how to acquire any kind of skill in only a couple of weeks.

We had a great time mingling with you all, getting to know new people, sharing our passion for tech and start-ups and building the future of online payments. So many people are working incredibly hard to make this happen – it’s such a huge source of inspiration to meet so many ambitious entrepreneurs. Go Europe!

Our goal is to enable YOU to become more successful. We provide the payment infrastructure for the web across Europe and beyond by building the easiest, fastest and most frictionless payment experience. At same time we are putting an incredible amount of energy and caring into solving your issues and making the integration as convenient as possible. We put a very high bar for ourselves and our level of customer service – we are passionate about solving your problems. Stay in close touch with us, we want to meet you!

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