Fresh coffee, tired developers and notebooks full of stickers… The smell of a hackathon in the morning!

PAYMILL has been at the London Web Summit Hack Dayon Saturday, 2nd of March. Or better say Jörg, our CMO, Michael and myself. PAYMILL was a sponsor of this hackathon so we’ve been in London to present our API and help with technical questions. It was really fun!

For the developers the hackathon started pretty early at 9 AM. Obviously some people ran late, but that was expected. So we could have a chat with people we already met at the London Web Summit or the Pre-Hackathon Drink up the evening before and also meet the awesome guys from PusherMasheryTwilio and more. They’re all providing decent APIs for things we developers need at least once in our lifetime – we recommend you take a look at them!

After the initial API presentations everyone got their hands dirty very quickly. There has been some very nice ideas ranging from charity over business to fun backgrounds. For example: A ten year old created a car racing game! And a new API wrapper for the PAYMILL’s API written for ColdFusion has seen the light of day. 🙂

Of course there has been a jury that judged the best ideas, best designed app, best business case etc. We’re proud to say that two teams using PAYMILL’s API won a bunch of prices like three Kindle Fires, an AR.Drone, an iPad mini and a lot more. Wow!

As I said before it was really a fun event. Being in such a creative environment with so many awesome developers boosted each one’s creativity and I think everyone, also those who didn’t won that many prices, got inspired and has now more energy for his/her day to day work! So the next time you have a chance to attend a hackathon: do it! It’ll be worth the time!

And if you want to meet us at a hackathon or another event, here are a few upcoming event dates where you can find us:

Happy hacking!


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