Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Gloria Kopp, a content writer and eLearning consultant from Manville city.

A massive portion of consumers choose to do their shopping online, and even stores that litter the high street have had to up their online game in recent years. Having poor methods of being able to pay online may deter a shopper from making their online purchase with you, and could rest in you losing business. Plus as stores and websites are so often rated online, you do not want any poor reviews reporting that consumers feel unsafe when filling in their details. Instead, they should enjoy a seamless experience that they can rely on and will come back to over and over again. Implementing the following payment tips on your online store could work wonders in encouraging customers to make their purchases online, from your store.

Make Customers Able to Proceed to Payment without Creating an Account

For anyone buying a gift or making a first purchase with a shop, they don’t necessarily want to sign up. Having an option to continue to check out or continue as a guest makes life easier for them, and they feel a lot more comfortable proceeding without worrying about receiving hundreds of unnecessary and irrelevant emails. While having email lists is a great way to reach out to consumers, this should be a choice; otherwise people who adamantly don’t want to make an account may choose not to make a purchase. It can also mean that people with little time get their payment through quickly, and can make purchase even if they’re in a hurry.

Suggest Several Payment Methods

Having multiple payment options is the best way to move forward, especially if you want to take advantage of the World Wide Web, and the fact that people from out of your country may want to make purchases. Rather than limiting your audience to people with banking systems the same as in your country, having PayPal and wire transfer options can really expand your prospective buyers, as well as please people who prefer using a third party rather than handing their details over to a new website.

Do Not Redirect Customers

Redirecting customers away from your page is annoying to many people, who were hoping for a quick and easy process, and are now waiting for new pages to load. It’s also less trustworthy than being able to buy through your website directly. Professional online retailers have set the standards that customers expect from online shopping – this includes an option to buy on the page you are on directly through the seller’s website. This is particularly annoying if you have already had to give all of our details to create and account, and then get directed to another page where you need to impart your details again.

Do Not Ask for Unnecessary Information

Some businesses ask for extra information than a customer may consider necessary, which can be off-putting. Many people don’t know why they need to provide a phone number, and if there’s no explanation of why the phone number is required then many consumers are wary that their number will be called by salespeople, or passed onto other businesses for cold calling. Nobody likes receiving these calls, so it should be made clear if you only want someone’s number in case you need to get in touch about their order, or not make it a required field if a customer provides an email address.

Make Errors Visible and Easy to Fix

You can provide a much better payment process by clearly displaying your customer’s order, and allowing them to make changes to it. This can make them much more confident when pressing that ‘Buy Now’ button, as they’re sure of what they’re buying and haven’t accidently added duplicates to their basket. This quick scan allows them to make every last minute adjustments without trawling back though pages and repeating processes they’ve already been through – which could be so frustrating they back away from making the purchase.

Highlight the Security and Privacy Issues

People are understandably cautious about providing their details online, and so displaying security measures, such as the above examples of Norton Secured, MasterCard SecureCode, or Verified by Visa, can make people a lot more comfortable, especially when making large purchases.

Give Clear Instructions and Directions

You can’t always guarantee that you’re dealing with people who are used to using computers or comfortable with shopping online. Make the options as clear and easy to follow as possible. This is particularly important when there are order options, as this should be as simple as possible to ensure customers gets exactly what they want.


It can be difficult to design your online store, and there are so many factors that it can be easy to overlook some elements of the payment process, however following the above tips can make your payment process as user-friendly as possible.

Author Bio: Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an elearning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of a creative writer. She works as a writer and editor at Essayroo Australian writing service. Besides, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Boomessays,HuffingtonPostUkwritings, Engadget, etc.

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