Landing Page optimization is becoming crucial for the SaaS when they try to attract the audience and take its attention more than competitors. Landings are used to hook potential clients up by telling the ways company`s product can solve client`s problem, and to ensure them that it has hit the target in a couple of seconds.

Moreover, landing page – is an effective way for converting traffic and generating leads for SaaS websites.

In our post we are going to show the most important points for SaaS landing page optimization, and teach you how to land your users on the main page softly and make them: buy, register, download files,  subscribe, fill in the required form or to go to the desired page.

SaaS landing page must be “sharpen” for the search engines and potential clients, and they explain what words will convince both of them. Have you done all your best to present your product? Take a moment to do this, because landing page directly effects on your sales.

For landing page optimization, SearchEva team have formulated the key drivers to increase the effectiveness of SaaS website you may try to comply with right there: 

Make the offer sound strongly

The heading meets the visitor on the landing page the first. Make it in a patchwork font, offering a unique trade proposal because content marketing is crucial for SaaS companies.

What separates you from the others? What will be valuable to your client? The offer must be laconic, convincing and unequivocal. Have you heard about the five seconds rule before? The large number of studies shows that it takes five sec for Internet users to decide whether to stay on the page or to leave. The visitor’s reaction should be like that: “This is what I`m looking for!” and scrolling your landing to an end at least.

Look at the propositions of these SaaS companies that sound good:

pic 1

pic 2

The main challenge of the offer is to give the value or benefit to the visitors. It should be considered as a solution to the problem for the client.

Let us introduce you the classic story with a drill: people buy a tool, not for the sake of a tool, but to drill a hole. Holes are needed to hang a picture. The picture is meant to create a cosiness in the house. Trace this chain on your product, and sell coziness, not drills. Learn the rest of internet marketing tricks for SaaS projects here.

Give your customers a projected result and some guarantees – the best template to start with.

 Give surefire CTA

Сall to Action is invented to make the client to register through “Sign Up Now” buttons. Firstly, you better explain why users should leave personal information on your site and what is given after, for example:

  • Asking for a free audit or consultation.
  • Application for a free test-drive of the service.
  • Access to data.

An effective CTA means receiving the desired or based on prying:

pic 3


Speak about the client, not about yourself

Put yourself in client’s shoes. Focus your landing page not only on product`s profile but mainly on the user`s gains – is that something they like to receive?

In approximately this way:

pic 5


Try to rewrite the title “Why we are the firts” to “What you get”, “What kind of help do you need?”. The feeling is absolutely different, isn`t it?

Use hypnotic words

Expand your website with the words that unconsciously act on your users to make a right choice:

  • You
  • Imagine
  • Because
  • Is free
  • Gift

But everything is good in moderation and do not paste these words all the time.

Avoid template formulations

Probably, no one can be cheated by promises of “dynamically developing company”. There is a set of template formulations that are in use on every other landing:

  • Quickly
  • High-quality
  • Professionally
  • Effectively
  • Low-cost

Every client has his/her personal expectations about cost, rapidity and quality. Stop making the deduction about your service for the customer! Let the buyer decide himself how beneficial your offer is, based on specific realities.

Our friendly advice: use facts, because they are louder than words (e.g. mention the education institution where your personnel studied and point at the experience they gained).

Get the proof of your words

People easily can spot dummy statements from a mile away and believe; it will be hard to bring them back. Are you familiar with the legendary quotation of David Ogilvy “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife.”? The promises which are completely empty, kill the conversion of the landing once and for all.

Take a tip from Typeform – they make it clear on the landing, that all their users are humans:

pic 6

Diversify your landing with photos or videos showcasing your service in practice. It wouldn`t be too much to ask your clients to leave thankful and honest feedback.

Post only real feedback

Don`t even think to ask a copywriter for this purpose – bogus reviews cut conversion more than false facts! That’s getting to a place where people see their photos on landings under the fake names.

The reviews process is so delicate that even real words should be chosen discriminately.

“Wow, they are great!” and “I`m grateful to this company and encourage them!” is better to pass up. The perfect selling scheme: “The essence of the problem – Why did I turn to this company – How they solved the problem – Result – Recommendations”.

Good example:

pic 7

Give your buyers this five-step-scheme to write a feedback. Both of sides will be satisfied.

 Too much or lack of text

The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information determine your niche and offer. The more complicated your service, the more descriptions it requires. A B2B area with a long decision-making cycle should provide the answers to the concerns and persuade all possible kinds of proving (photo, video, screenshots, and statistics).

More than niche, the amount of text determines consumer and target audience. The number of symbols must be enough to convince customers, no more, no less.

Scan the text to the mistakes

Never neglect the literacy of your landing page. It would be very upsetting to lose created client`s confidence because of oversights. Believe, the “mistEkes” will spoil the impression of the most solid proposal. So it is better to spend $19/month for the text editor, rather than losing ten times more, isn`t it?

We advise you never stop learning something new and share your own experience with others! Surely, there are far more approaches to optimize landing pages. Visit SearchEva’s “9.5 Commandments to Optimize Landing Pages for SaaS Companies” to find out how it can be used for converting traffic and generating leads.

Author´s Bio: This is a guest post by Deborah Carpenter, Content Manager at SearchEva.

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