Happy New Year everybody!

First sunset of 2014

First sunset of 2014 at PAYMILL HQ

With Christmas behind us and 2014 just 3 days in, it’s time to reflect back on the previous year. Every year, we’ll be featuring the most popular posts from the blog in our “Best of” series.

So why are we doing doing this? Well, it’s easy to forget content when we live in the information age. And the sad truth is that tweets, status updates and blog posts eventually get lost in the shuffle very fast. That is why we think this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to revisit – or in some cases discover the best posts from 2013!

In no particular order here are the top picks from 2013.

Best of PAYMILL Blog 2013

9 Ways to Make the Payment Process Easy for Online Customers: Want to convert as many window shoppers into paying customer? This post which was featured on the KISSmetrics blog and later on Entrepreneur.com describes nine ways you can increase sales by just making it easier for everyone to pay.

What to write about on your startup’s blog: In this detailed post featured on The Next Web, you’ll discover exactly what you need to do to get started with blogging.

8 Books to Help Foster Creativity and Innovation in Your Startup: Looking to get your creative juices flowing? These eight books will definitely set you on your way to developing creative ideas that will leave your competition trailing.

9 Things That Make Online Shops Successful: When you take a look at the most successful online shops, you’ll spot somethings they have in common. This post describes the things that make online shops successful and how you can attract more traffic and customers.

How to Build an A/B Testing Practice in 2 Hours: Vincent Barr from MongoDB couldn’t have said it any better, “If running a website without analytics is like driving blind, then running a website without a/b testing is like cooking blind.” In his guest, Barr takes you step-by-step into building an A/B testing practise to help you make data-driven decisions for optimising your website.

11 Glorious Apps For Content Marketing: There are just some apps out there, that make your life a whole lot easier for you. For anybody who’s doing content marketing – these apps are essential for keeping you schedule and getting things done.

How A/B Testing Can Increase Conversions For Your Business: Optimizely’s Fabian Liebig builds the case for A/B testing and explains how it’s the best way to making informed decisions about optimising your website for the most conversions.

Why work at a startup? Curious about working at a startup – check out the experiences of one our team members to find out all the details.

Want to be successful? Get rid of your ego!: We often come across people who are know-it-alls and always think they’re right! But is it key to being successful? Our business developer, Jean-loup does not think so and explains why in this post.

What Impact Does PCI-DSS Have On Your Business?: Nobody wants to be the subject of credit card fraud! And that’s why PCI compliance is a necessity for any business accepting credit and debit card payments online. PAYMILL’s Gunther (VP of Strategy) and Stefan (COO) explain why and how our API delivers an elegant solution to protecting you online.

4 Science Backed Ways To Increase Conversions: Who wouldn’t more conversions on their website? This post takes a look at four studies to help you sign up more customers and a couple of thngs you can easily implement too.

30 Things Everybody Needs To Know About Mobile Commerce: If you needed more proof of the importance of mobile for your online business – this is the post for you! This infographic illustrates the growth potential of m-commerce and list 30 statistics to back it up.

That was 2013! But stay tuned for more by following PAYMILL on Twitter – because 2014 is going to be epic!

PAYMILL Editorial Team

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