Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Oleh Mykhaylovych, a founder at Chatboten.com.

There are a plethora of sources on chatbot creation each of which honestly promises to turn you into developer until you read it to the end. But before you decide to get your hands on the real development, you need to have a clear reason for getting own chatbot and a firm plan of its deployment. Otherwise, it won’t work. In this article, we will answer the main questions: why (you may need chatbot) and how (it can contribute to your business).

Nowadays, chatbots are in a wide use. Such fields as marketing, education, medicine, finances benefit from virtual assistants that can handle generic repetitive work which doesn’t require the involvement of human mind. However, there’s one field that benefits from the era of chatbots to the highest extent – it’s e-commerce.

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Thanks to the Internet space – the focus field of innovations and the one where many other fields happen to intersect – e-commerce has gained a breath-taking growth. Since the very beginning of the Internet times (in other words, since the early 1990s), e-commerce has been constantly fueled by the innovations and have finally become the most attractive field for business.

Nowadays we are experiencing the emergence of the new e-commerce technologies that are going to revolutionize the way we treat customers and businesses. On this changeable landscape, e-commerce chatbots are the brightest spot that has drawn a lot of attention. They are not just a trend – they are a powerful tool of personalizing and even reinventing customer service, which is definitely a pillar of any e-commerce business.

You may think that it sounds promising but you still have no idea about how to use these technologies in your business case. That’s why to help you map new tools to your expectations and goals, I will focus on the hidden opportunities behind the new e-commerce technologies. Let’s see where it will take us.

How to use chatbot e-commerce


Your customers enjoy when you make things simple. Don’t even doubt. Just admit, no one wants to rack his brain over the new app. There are a lot more things in our life from which we expect challenges, while the thing that we do expect from apps is the simplification.

Instead of forcing people to find the ways to understand your service, make it intuitive and familiar for them. Messenger is the perfect platform for this task. However, the platform itself can’t do much. You need the right tool to really benefit from it. Today this tool is optimization with the human-like interface.

Here are some reasons to consider:

  • your customers are, most likely, active users of messengers;
  • chatting has become the most natural way of communication in the 21st century;
  • getting things done by means of few clicks in chat is the best time-saver for daily routines.

If you finally decide to advantage from messengers and their virtual inhabitants keep the following steps:

  1. get to know your audience and the virtual space (particular messenger) where they hang out
  2. stick to the messenger where your audience is by deploying the chatbot on that exact platform

Don’t you find extremely convenient that you can order a taxi without quitting your messenger? I bet you do! Now you can add Uber chatbot to your messenger and text when you need a car.

2.Keep in touch

Due to the abundance of information, we need reminders to be able to fix anything in our memory. Every good customer service should be built on this. So if you want your customers to remember about your existence, you need to keep in touch with them. All the time. But it isn’t an easy task.

Well, it used to be not an easy task. Apps and chatbots are changing it now. With the very few efforts and expenses, you can already set automatic communication between the service and the customers. If you want to protect yourself from the cases when the discussion gets out of the scenarios handled in chatbot’s logic, you can set redirection to the human consultant.

Perhaps, the most popular chatbot case is virtual assistants of airlines. Nevertheless, it’s a really convenient thing that is definitely worth trying. For instance, Avianca bot allows you even to check in right in messenger and notifies you about any changes in your flight.

3.Educate and bring fun

If you want to grow audience and make people stick to your products, first you need to catch their attention. How? By providing them with the stuff that they will value. Businesses usually try to accomplish this task by means of blogs. However, the growing number of such sources makes extremely difficult to draw attention by means of just blogging.

Chatbots are different. They look unconventionally and innovatively. Chatbot can help you to share your knowledge more efficiently than if you decided to do it in a traditional way. This highly interactive way of engagement also makes easier to get direct feedback from your customers, which, in turn, opens more possibilities for you to gradually improve the service.

I recommend taking a look at Sephora service. It’s not just recommending the products but also advises on the different style-related issues. It’s a great example of the educative and engaging bot.


We like the feeling of having somebody around to whom we can turn for support. This is what perfect customer service should look like. But we all know that perfection is utopia. In reality, human factor and lack of resources all too often make difficult approaching to the desired level of customer service. This is why virtual assistants may become a great solution.

One chatbot can simultaneously handle thousands of discussion requests 24 hours 7 days a week. On the other hand, with the help of natural language processing services, one can create an illusion of a personal talk every customer will find impressive. Although most of the chatbots can’t handle dialogues with the customers as naturally as humans do, with their help you can create a useful conversational interface.  

For instance, Chatshopper is one of the recommendation chatbots, which are extremely popular nowadays. The reason lies in the individual approach they provide every user. You define your preferences, and get available products that match the style of those you’ve picked before.


If you want to improve your e-commerce business with the help of chatbots, at the first instance, you need to think of your customers. But let’s not forget about the efficiency of your customer service which becomes more relevant as your audience expands.

Chatbots can help you to cut expenses and wisely delegate work tasks. Nobody says that you need to substitute all the human force of your customer service by chatbots. In fact, at the base of all the best services lies the mixture of artificial and human intelligent forces. Recall the popular service called “Magic”. Being available 24/7, it states that you can get its assistance in every possible case.

Surprisingly many people think that all the work is done by artificial intelligence behind the Magic. However, only the superficial part of service-customer communication is actually handled by the virtual assistant. Here’s in short how it works: chatbot receives an inquiry, asks the main questions about the type of requested service, and redirects the inquiry to the corresponding expert.

Modern AI provides a bunch of options for making humans more efficient but it can’t replace human workforce. Thus, the main premise of successful automation lies in balancing out human and artificial intelligent powers.

If you’re searching for the ways of increasing your income, I suggest taking a look at the article on how you can participate in affiliate marketing by means of chatbots.


Chatbot e-commerce is definitely the hottest trend that is actually worth the attention it has drawn. With the help of chatbot, you can make easier and more personal conversation flow, help customers better understand things they have interest for, and optimize your customer service. Using e-commerce chatbots results in double-sided benefit – for you and your customers – which is undoubtedly the major reason to try this new technology in e-commerce.

Author´s Bio: Oleh Mykhaylovych is a founder at Chatboten.com.

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