You’ve spent countless hours getting your products ready to ship. Now it’s time to start converting visitors into paying customers – after all that’s the lifeblood for every business.


But what happens when you’re conversion rate is demoralising low. According to research by Statista the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment is customers being presented with unexpected costs. Imagine for a moment you’re shopping online and about to hand over their credit card information, when suddenly the total value of your order goes up in the final steps – no doubt you’re going to feel misled here and very unlikely to make the purchase.

When considering the example above, plus the factors influencing who you spend you’re time with, which brands you prefer buying from and who you do business with – trust becomes a fundamental part for every successful relationship. Whether it’s an online shop with new customers, or the dynamics between members of a football team – there’s more chances of success when all parties involved trust each other.

How to increase conversions through credibility

Nevertheless, you’ll have an easier time increasing conversions and sales when you’re doing everything possible to establish credibility. So what can you do to ensure folks fall in love with your online shop?

In the PDF below you’ll discover a helpful guide outlining 49 things you can do to establish credibility. Which will not only increase sales, but also prevent chargebacks and see more customers returning.

Most importantly it will help you deliver a fantastic shopping experience that can get people to spread the word about your business.

You can also find The E-commerce Trust Guide over on SlideShare.

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