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Best practices to use chatbots in e-commerce

0 comments / June 19, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Oleh Mykhaylovych, a founder at There are a plethora of sources on chatbot creation each of which honestly promises to turn you into developer until you read it to the end. But before you decide to get your hands on the real development, you need to haveRead more


What’s Retail ERP? And Do You Need It?

0 comments / June 12, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Matthew Murray, the Managing Director of Notable. ERP systems have their roots in servicing manufacturing but these days the major ERP vendors are beginning to focus on specific retail modules. And canny retailers are cottoning on to the fact that such solutions can provide a holistic systemRead more


How To Spot Counterfeit IT Products & Keep Your Business Safe

0 comments / May 23, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Susan Krautbauer, director of business development for Flash Global, which designs and implements service supply chain strategies for rapidly expanding companies.  Counterfeit products are everywhere and very difficult to identify. Scam artists fake everything: packaging, serial numbers, and manufacturers’ websites. Counterfeit goods account for as much as 5% of allRead more

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