Being at an online payments provider, we tend to come across many different online shops everyday. And it’s always refreshing when we come across something we haven’t seen before and concepts that significantly improve the buying experience.

With so many online shops out on the web, shop owners can have a tough time standing out and being remembered. Typically, a major thing that attracts returning customers, is a good user experience (UX). And in the past, we highlighted nine things that make online shops successful, which were:

  1. Product reviews
  2. Quality images
  3. Easy checkout process
  4. Fast loading times
  5. Quality design
  6. Displaying related products
  7. Easy store navigation
  8. Excellent copy for product description
  9. Fantastic customer support

In this post I’d like to focus on the first step of the checkout process and draw your attention to four checkout concepts originally published on Codrops.

Concepts which not only make your checkout process more fun and engaging for your customers – but also more memorable and increases the likelihood of people recommending your shop to others.

Corner Flat








Your checkout represents a crucial part of people’s shopping experience, but also for your business. After all it’s the place where they become paying customers. But also remember that it will be the last thing people do in your store, which is why it’s important to deliver an experience.

Looking for more inspiration? Codrops features even more nifty examples and tutorials of what you can do on your website.

You can also find this project on GitHub and check out the full demo here.



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