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This week in startups

25 Ways to Make Your First Online Sale: We all remember the first sale! It’s a cause for celebration, but also a moment when you realise you want more. Mark Hayes who’s heading communications at Shopify, highlights 25 ways that will move you closer to sealing that sale.

50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe: A trend that’s picking up pace lately has been hardware startups. For an extensive overview, check out Robin Wauters’ list where highlight 50 startups worth keeping an eye out for.

Will your customers love your product forever?: In this post, Niko Bonatsos highlights several “fail tales” of companies and how folks fell out of love of certain products. Bonatsos cites the examples of MySpace, Blackberry and AOL where he argues that customers are not going to love your product forever.

The Engineer Crunch: Let’s be honest here. Hiring good engineers is incredibly difficult! Sam Altman explains the difficulties surrounding startups in attracting engineering talent. But also describes what they can do to increase their chances of landing a top engineer.

What startup traction (aka hype) feels like: This is the first instalment of Startup Anonymous featured on PandoDaily. This post highlights the experiences of a startup founder going through a period of increased publicity and growth. Staying true to its name, stories from Startup Anonymous remain anonymous.

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