Most technology products out there today, will have an API available for you to tinker with.

APIs have enabled us to connect a large variety of applications together, which not only saves time by automating certain actions but also lets you easily integrate services into your product which aren’t part of your core business.

Just look at all the companies who have an API, such as Google, Twilio, Twitter, Evernote and of course PAYMILL. But without an active community of developers using and building upon these APIs, they wouldn’t be much. We wouldn’t have products like Buffer to schedule our social media updates, to publish blog article with Evernote and Zapier for automating your tasks.

However to drive an active community using your API, these companies, including us have made developer relations an important part of their strategy. They’ve engaged developers on a grassroots levels through attending events and organising hackathons.

Last year we were a proud partner of the TechCrunch London Hackathon where we learnt a lot about how our API was being used and got a lot of feedback where we could improve. We were also thrilled to hear the winners of our API competition Seeusoon have decided to work on their project full-time.

However, today we want to find out whether we’re still on the right track. What can we do more to make your life easier when focusing on your coding project?

So if you’ve got a few minutes to spare, we’d love to hear your thoughts with this short survey. We’d also be extremely grateful if you could share the survey with your network.



PAYMILL Editorial Team

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