The trends of E-Commerce are changing constantly and the trends that excelled in the previous year will fall short in this year. You cannot resist changes because of the constant evolution in technology and the competitiveness of businesses.

Keeping up with the current E-Commerce trends is crucial for every business in order to let sales grow fast. It is necessary to know that monitoring these specific trends is not a hobby anymore; in fact, no business can survive without valuing them.

The E-Commerce trends of 2018 will definitely drive your E-Commerce business forward hence you should gear up for it. You find that the retail E-Commerce sales went up to $2.290 in 2017 and they are expected to reach up to $4.479 by 2021.

It is not just a post, in fact, it is a complete guide to make the most out of latest E-Commerce trends and get a huge success in the business world. Followings are those trends so go through all of them properly.

1.    The growing trend of using social media

It is a fact that the social media is a useful tool for the owners of E-Commerce businesses. They will use it as a customer service tool and a marketing tactic for attracting and retaining customers.

You need to find that which social media channels, your target audience use mostly and after that come up with relevant content that attracts them for making purchases from you.

This year, businesses will not just communicate with their existing customers on Facebook, in fact, they will consider creating a community for reaching target audience consistently.

2.    The trend of ensuring mobile optimization

The growing number of mobile consumers reveals that businesses need to make their websites mobile-friendly otherwise they will lose an opportunity to cash out mobile consumers.

In this year, businesses have to ensure that they provide an ideal user experience on tablets and smartphones. Mobile optimization does not only relate to web design, in fact, it covers all the things from checkouts to chat support.

You need to know that at the end of 2017, two billion people used their smartphones for shopping online all over the world. It means that a business with having a no strategy for attracting mobile consumers will fail to survive. It means that you should not overlook this trend and start working on it.

3.    The concept of having a brick-and-mortar location

Offering an online and in-store experience to customers will benefit your business a lot throughout this year. E-Commerce businesses have to come up with brick-and-mortar locations and this particular trend will definitely bring positive results. Customers will have a “pick up in store” option which will enhance your sales.

Another useful benefit of this trend is that the shipping costs will reduce a lot and more people will visit the physical location of your business. If you do not follow this trend so the chances are that your competitors will have an edge over you.

4.    Using video as a marketing tool

The importance of video will increase more in this year and businesses will be using it as an effective marketing tool. You should also plan for it and it will take your business to the next high level.

Posting videos about your services and products on different social media platforms will result in growing numbers of prospects. 46% of consumers tend to buy products after watching its video and the percent will definitely grow in this year.

5.    The growing value of chatbots in the E-Commerce world

You cannot deny a fact that the customers want to have a fast response to their questions and here comes chatbot. They are capable of dealing with the queries of customers properly and they will be available 24/7 for customers.

In this year, businesses will have a reasonable amount of budget in order to set up chatbots for answering various questions of customers.

6.    The popularity of using Email for advertising purpose

Businesses will emphasize on email advertising method hence you should also be ready for that. Through this particular method, businesses will alert customers for various deals, assist customers on their various purchases and address any concern.

As advertising becomes more expensive so businesses have moved towards email advertising which will definitely ensure better results in this year. Email advertising ensures more engagement which eventually leads customers to make purchases.

You need to ensure that the content of your advertising email is engaging otherwise people will delete your email immediately. Sending personalized emails will also be a growing trend in this year hence you should be ready for that mentally.

7.    The immense popularity of a voice search

Google has come up with a statement that the 20% of smartphone queries happen to be voice searches and the percentage will increase in this year. It is true that the voice search will be the leading element of web browsing.

The huge number of people will be using personal assistants such as Google assistant or Alexa hence E-Commerce businesses will have an opportunity for approaching customers who are technology-sound.  For making the most out of this trend, you also need to consider long-tail keywords and perfect syntax.

8.    The trend of using influencer marketing

You need to understand that the social media influencers have to be the outstanding investment for a business. Therefore, you should never ignore them as they will make your business stand out in this competitive business world.

You need to start with finding famous and trusted social media influencers and once you find them then hire them for endorsing your services and products on social media.

No doubt, businesses with having their influencers have got high sales and traffic for their E-Commerce websites. Small online startups can also hire influencers according to their budgets. If you talk about micro-influencers so they have 1,000 to 10,000 followers for niche markets and 10,000 to 100,000 followers for large categories.

9.    The integration of Augmented Reality into the E-Commerce world

Smart brands have already made a strategy for using Augmented Reality in this year and it will let customers use smartphones for visualizing different items in homes or offices prior to making a purchase.

This is a perfect thing for customers as they will be taking right decision when it comes to buying different products. It is not wrong to call it a transition from how will it look to how does it look in your room or kitchen.

It is to make it clear that ignoring to follow this trend is like losing the huge number of customers hence you should plan for it properly.

10.    The huge rise of ROPO

Research Online and purchase offline are a growing trend in the market and businesses have to value it in this year. It is not only an evolution of thrifty shopping habit in this digital era, in fact, it happens to be the culmination of last  15 years of an online shopping.

Above discussed are some major E-Commerce trends of 2018 that businesses need to follow. Therefore you should also make a strategy to follow them and get success in this highly competitive business world.

Author´s Bio: Jillian Petrova is a digital manager. She keeps up with all the latest trends in online marketing. Additionally, she also provides coursework help uk and students get his writing assistance.

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