It’s really overwhelming to have regular customers that give your business great reviews that attract additional revenue. And one thing’s for sure, we all want more of it!

Your business might have its own quality when it comes to product and as well with the services, expanding it using different marketing agenda is a big help indeed. Diploma and influence when it comes to your agenda is a must, no one can’t afford the decrease in sales in one’s business. And what if the actual output of your e-commerce website that was made to gain trust and integrity, turned it down and made supposed-to-be customers instead? It’s a big nightmare indeed!

And that dreadful thought is actually avoidable. And to be honest with you, there’s a lot of things that e-commerce sites usually do that lead them to their downfall.

Here are the common wrongdoings that you should not do:

1.      Not clearly showing shipping information

Make your site trustworthy as it can be. Avoiding the customer’s conclusion with your credibility is a plus! Display shipping information near the bottom, somewhere at the corner, or at the header to make it clearer for buyers.  Feed them with the information they want and they’ll not be confused where to go, that will make your site more efficient and reliable for visitors.

Giving them a bird’s eye view is more convenient rather than adding this shipping information on your FAQs page. Set everyone’s expectation in one place will attract them to come back. It is your freedom to choose whether to add the shipping details in a viewable section or not but it will save you and your shopper’s time in a way that they don’t need to ask the process of shipment.

2.      Having very basic product descriptions

It is really enticing to make your shoppers giddy with promising lines that will make them comfortable to buy your merchandise. A comprehensive combination of keywords and phrases will make your store more reliable and competent compared to others.

But how are you going to sell your product if you will not give them the advantage of having it? This is where good description will come in. Maybe it is not your main content, but you should value your own product by having its specs in a not-so-long explanation. Yes, it is time-consuming yet we can conclude that this would be your secret to a more successful version of your business.

3.      Burying the ‘buy’ button

You might have a very interesting product but what if your shopper cannot find your site’s cart or buy button? That would be a big disaster and you might get disappointing feedback from them. But let’s not wait for that to happen, we can avoid by making your interface more user-friendly.

Use the edge of having chevron in your interface. These dropdowns are really helpful in maintaining a simple yet offbeat site but sometimes it makes the buy button sinkable. Create a sense of urgency by placing the ‘buy’ button near the product’s image or in a place where it is handy to pull. Style your site with a structure that customers would make them hit your buy button a.k.a. buzzer button!

4.      No visual feedback when clicking ‘add to cart’

It makes us really anxious when you thought you already have your chosen product in your cart just to confirm that it didn’t happen. That’s the same reason why visitors are always in doubt whenever they click the button to proceed, go the extra mile by adding visual feedback. Your site’s reliability would increase and there’s a high possibility that they would recommend your business to their friends and family because of the customer experience they never had with the other stores.

Compensate your customer in your purchasing method by showing them that their selected product/s are good to go. The design shouldn’t be too aesthetic, it just needs to be seamless and good-looking by matching it to your website’s color tone. Attract them, don’t scare them off to avoid low revenues!

 5.      No people using your product in product shots

Offer your merchandises by adding a human touch to it. It seemed simple but it justifies the quality and competency of your business.

I highly suggest adding a video that emphasizes the use of your product especially if your line is in the fashion industry. People tend to be curious if it’s actually appealing once used or it just looked pleasing. Thrill them by showing the pleasure of having it in scenarios or moments where a person is actually using it.

6.      No call-to-action on your homepage carousel

It’s really popular nowadays to use something that will attract your visitors to stay on your site. One of the well-known is the homepage carousels. It projects a sequence of pictures that automatically shift from one page to another. Aside from your bragging rights, it’s also demanding to be seen and noticed, and this is an advantage no one should be missed, not even you!

But sometimes what’s in the picture will judge if this marketing strategy will make your sales up or down. This is a loophole for some since this is the very first thing that you will see, their attention and curiosity will follow. Lead them to be your sales not to as wasted chance.

7.      Not having ‘product collections

Do you want your business to grow? Help your buyer decide which is which! Make a collection or group of products that compromise certain season or theme. It’s not just going with the flow, it’s also making sure that your products are timely and accurate with people’s life events or changes.

What will happen if you don’t have one? You’re pushing them to your competitors who have it. Yes, you have the same merchandises but who optimized the season and holidays better? Use the hype and expect bigger returns!

8.      Adding social widgets everywhere

It’s a big hindrance for your purchase button if there are too much social media icons scattered on your site. I see where you’re coming from, you wanted it to be shared to their friends and families but they would feel like you’re forcing them to share it in media instead of letting them do it on their own.

You can designate a certain category where they could shout you out on media. Let them focus on your cart and you’ll have a bigger chance of exceeding your quota sales!

Author´s Bio: Sarah McGuire is a Digital Strategist for SEO Toronto. She takes an in-depth, hands-on approach to startup social business strategy. She has experience in digital marketing, social media, content strategy, and marketing communications.

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