Thanks for your great feedback and massive support!

First of all: Thanks for the overwhelming comments on YCombinatorthenextweb and on Twitter! We’re just so stoked by your feedback and great response!

Again, a big thank you to all you guys out there, we appreciate it and hope to fulfill your expectations. As we didn’t wanted to go to the public press that fast as the web articles did, we’re getting many support mails. We didn’t expect such a mind-blowing web publicity, therefore we’re struggling hard to get all support mails done in the next few days.

Don’t be angry with us, we don’t have a big support team right now, because the dev and business team itself is answering your questions in Zendesk.

We’re working on a support service right now as fast as we can, in the meantime just write us a ticket, it’ll be answered as fast as we can.

We got also a quite lot of dev support for different wrappers, which will be announced here soon too after we have checked them on Github. We’re mind-blown for that issue as well, thanks to the great Paymill community. We appreciate it pretty much!

Actually we’re at the Berlin Startup Culture Hackathon in Berlin ,if you want to visit us feel free to come and chat with us.

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