We all struggle for inspiration at times, and when there’s a blank canvas staring back at you – it can be frustrating coming up with a concept you’re happy with.

Fortunately today you’ll find many free resources to jump start your creative engines. That will in most cases just saves you loads of time to get your project completed.

Visuals have always been at the forefront of communication, and when it comes to website design it can make or break your credibility. Icons play an important role for your website because they grab people’s attentions while simultaneously delivering a good user experience.

But while icons are small, they bring character to your website and help define your brand. When it comes to your e-commerce website, you’ll want to have at least the following sets ready:

  • Payment icons: To show payment methods available
  • Social media icons: To encourage people to spread the word
  • E-commerce icons: To make your website professional

Below you’ll find 13 free icon sets you can use on your e-commerce website or maybe just for inspiration.

Payment icons

icons_all_500_miniFreebie e-commerce icons (PNG, PS, AI)

credit and debit card pngFree PNG Credit Card, Debit Card and Payment Icons by The Web Design Blog

cardicons_tPayment Icons at 365psd.com

full-payment-iconsPayment Icon Set

free_payment_method_icons_set_by_pixeden-d4675mdFree Payment Method Icons Set by Pixeden

large-preview of credit card iconsFree PNG Credit Card, Debit Card and Payment Icons Set (18 Icons)

But in case you’re offering other local payment methods, we were able to find the following for your website:

Social media icons

brand iconsBrands Icons And Color Style Guides (100 Icons, PNG, CSS)

dark_social_media_icons_freebie Dark Social Media Icons

Multi-Format Social Media Glyph SetMulti-Format Social Media Glyph Set

metro_post_preview_largeMetro Social Media Icon Set

E-commerce icons

ecommerce iconsProfessional E-Commerce Icons Set (20 Icons)

free ecommerce icons Free e-commerce icons

shopping_iconsShopping Icons

woocommerce-free-iconsFreepik: Free eCommerce icons

Hopefully these free sets of icons will come in handy while designing your e-commerce website. And you’ll certainly find more when you do a quick Google search. If you’ve found other helpful resources, please feel free to share them in the comment’s section below.



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