Despite the fact that earlier people considered blogging as a perfect tool to have some fun on the web, nowadays it’s a great moneymaking machine. Moreover, blogging is a hobby, which allows you to showcase your own style, point of view, and to state yourself as a brand.

Here is the same thing with an entrepreneurship. People are sick of bosses and a routine job, for this reason, everyone tries to become independent by growing the income online. In fact, it is not as easy as it seems at a glance. You need to work hard to get your audience and to keep it engaged.

So, if you have your own blog or any kind of online business, you have to build tight relations with your visitors and to become a source of a reliable opinion for them. However, if you’re looking for an automatic cash flow with your blog or online entrepreneurship, there are some proven ways to succeed.

Affiliate Marketing

When managing your affiliates, you spread a word about your business on other recourses, get new partners, and boost your income. In addition, there are some effective affiliate programs that you can use to hit the jackpot online.

MotoCMS Affiliate Program

This program allows you to earn up to 50% commissions on every template you sell on your website. Basically, you automatically start on 30% and raise up to 50% while growing your sales number. It provides you with a huge set of profitable promotional tools, professional 24/7 support, a rich number of payment gateways, an extra commission for new program users, and more. Here I like the simplicity because you can start retailing products on the same day you join the program.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program

This affiliate program from TemplateMonster has a progressive commission plan. So, if you make up to 19 sales per month, you get 30% commission rate. In case, you make 20-199 sales monthly, you get 35% of commission. Making 200-299 sales per month provides you with a 40% of commission and 300-499 sales allows you to get 45% commission rate. Meanwhile, if you are a real sales booster who makes 500 and more sales monthly, you get 50% of commission. This program handles a variety of payment methods, and has a 24/7 support.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Being a massive hosting provider, Bluehost also boasts an affiliate program, which wants you to refer users to its website and pays a pretty good commission for each sign up. Use various custom and links on your website and receive $65 for every user that signs up from these links. Here you get an unlimited number of earnings, the more visitors sign up – the more money you get!

SiteGround Affiliate Program

It’s a hosting affiliate program, which suggests you to forget about a minimum number of monthly sales. You get a short withhold period, commissions paid each week, and up to 90€ per sale! Here is how it works. Making from 1 to 5 sales monthly, you get 40€ per sale.

Meanwhile, 6-10 sales per month give you 60€ per sale, 11-20 sales monthly give you 75€ per sale, and 21 or more sales allow you to have 90€ per sale. SiteGround also provides you with an expert support and an advanced security of your data.

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

InMotion Hosting allows you to earn by recommending this company to your site’s visitors. Place banners or links to your website and get paid for the sign ups made from your links. Basically, your revenue depends on the number of signups you are generating monthly. Thus, up to 10 sales allow you to earn $50 per sale, 11-20 sales will bring you $80 per sale, and 21-30 sales monthly will give you $120 per each sale. Moreover, if you’re a lord of sales with more than 31 signups per month, feel free to contact InMotion for better conditions.

Email Marketing

Another profitable way of monetizing your business online is an email marketing. Here you need to build a strong email marketing campaign to create a valuable email list.

Basically, I would recommend you using AWeber, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and other platforms to embed must-have systems for a better email marketing progress.

Moreover, when having tight relations with your visitors through emails, you can generate tons of money by promoting your products and services and your affiliates’ goods as well.


First of all, I’m about PPC. Honestly, PPC will help you to earn only if your site’s traffic is over 100k visitors daily. Unfortunately, if it’s lower, PPC is a perfect way of wasting your time.

In addition, you can get in touch straight with advertisers to discuss all the conditions. For example, you can use display ads instead of pay-per-click technique. It will definitely help you to reach an agreement of a far more valuable price policy.

Digital Products

Create and sell various digital products on your website to get the most of your online business. For example, you can create various eBooks with howtos and multiple guides related to the kind of business you have.

Moreover, feel free to launch versatile online courses and webinars. These tools work for versatile formats. The main thing here is to create something useful to fulfill your visitors’ needs and to present all the content as a unique one.

Sponsored Posts and Articles

Tons of companies look forward to find a place to post their sponsored content. However, you should be careful with sponsorship not to get in trouble with Google, so, use “nofollow tag” only.

Also, you can review various products related to your kind of website. However, it will work for you only if you post a content of a premium quality.

So, I hope these ways will help to push forward your income on the fly. By the way, do you have any other ideas? Please, let me know in the comments section.

Author Bio: Allison Reed is a professional marketer at MotoCMS team and an independent author.

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