This is a guest post by Magda Alexandra Torres who is the Marketing Manager at JobFluent.

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Sorry to break it to you, I have no magic formula to help you land a job anywhere.

Having a good education, a nice set of skills and an awesome CV can get you closer to a job position, but not even that guarantees anything.

We all know the job seeking drill – sending CV’s and cover letters, waiting to be called and then finally getting called for an interview. We’ve all been there, entering a tedious selection process at a big company – going  from one-on-one interviews to group interviews and even completing aptitude tests. It’s nerve wrenching.

What if I told you there’s a less complicated and more personal hiring process?

The hiring process at a startup is slightly different than what we have described above. Think of a startup as a close-knit family that is working together towards a goal and every so often, they need someone from the outer world but not anyone – someone that can be a match to the family dynamics.

There are many ways to be hired at a startup aside from sending your application. Read along and find some tips that could help you land a job at your favorite up and coming company

1. Do your Homework

Learn all about the startup you want to work at. I can’t stress this enough! Do your research. Learn about their past and their present, how they have evolved, and the people that work there. Take in all the information you can so that you can figure out how you could fit in and eventually make an approach.

2. Network

Take advantage of social networking. Follow the startup on all social media channels and try to engage them! Praise them, retweet and share their articles and don’t be afraid to offer tips and feedback. This will put your name out there, but be careful not to over do it.

3. Stand out

Again, social networks make it so easy to connect with brands (i.e. possible employers), so if you’re very good at something, show them! Use your social media outlets to stand out from the rest by using your skills to their advantage. Are you good at creating infographics? Let them know by making one about them. Are you an awesome editor? Write a useful article featuring their brand. Chances are they will want to share it to their followers and could even contact you to know more.

4. Get involved

Become a brand’s ambassador. If you really like a startup, then by all means spread the word about them. Trust me, startups need all the free advertising they can get. And becoming a brand’s ambassador will not only help them, it could get you a job offer.

5. Be proactive

Once you have absorbed all the information above and tried some or all of these tips, it’s time to go for it!

Don’t just wait for positions to be open, if you’re really interested in working for a startup, find out their contact e-mail and let them know! Don’t be afraid to take the first step, introduce yourself and show them what you’re capable of. Even if they’re not looking to hire at that moment, they will know your name which is a great start.

6. Show the real you

If you’re invited for an interview, remember to be yourself and show how passionate you are about the work you do. Also, be prepared to demonstrate how you will help the startup grow because it will show concrete examples of your abilities.

Cross your fingers and good luck!

About the author: Magda is a communications professional with a passion for social media and startups. Currently she serves as the Marketing Manager of the “jobseeking” startup JobFluent. For any questions and inquiries or if you’re interested in working for a startup, don’t hesitate to visit our website or tweet us @JobFluent.

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