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Should You Really Be Giving Startup Advice? Let’s be honest here. You’ve probably come across people who call themselves a expert in all things startups. But should they really be giving advice? And how do know their advice is sound? This infographic highlights who you should and should not be listening to.

should you give startup advice

Thoughts on TechCrunch Disrupt: Michael Arrington’s displeasure at Disrupt Berlin was evident throughout the Startup Battlefield. Arrington outlines what he thinks Disrupt should be all about and his criticism for the first ever Disrupt organised in Europe.


6Wunderkinder Raised A $30M Series B, In Sequoia’s First Step Into Germany: With 6 million users and about a third of them in the US, TechCrunch believes the Berlin-based startup has raised a $30M series B round from Sequoia. Find out why Sequoia decided to invest in 6Wunderkinder by reading all the details from the link above.

Image courtesy of 6Wunderkinder

Image courtesy of 6Wunderkinder

The Part of Entrepreneurship No One Wants to Talk About: It astonishes me every time I hear people say how cool and relaxing working at a startup. The fact is that it is anything but relaxing. Sure we get to have fun while we work, but at the end we need to be constantly moving forward. Andrew Torba – Co-Founder and CEO of Kuhcoon – shares his thoughts on the not-so glamorous details of startup life over at Medium.

They’ll Never Be Normal – Introducing Batch 007! 500 Startups the startup accelerator from the U.S. recently announced their 7th batch of startups accepted into their program. Find out who’s taking part by clicking the link above. And to see them in action, check out the music video they pulled together.

Elon Musk on fear and failure, plus his close calls with Space X and Tesla: Last week week we witnessed Disrupt Berlin, Pioneers Festival Vienna and Dublin Web Summit all happening on the same week. Elon Musk was in Dublin where the The Next Web pulled in the essentials of Musk’s talk about failure and the close calls he faced with SpaceX and Tesla.

The myth of the brainstorming session: Yes, you read that right! Brainstorming sessions can be a waste of time for the following reason mentioned in the post above. However Mikael Cho from ooomf details some practical advice on how to turn brainstorming sessions from being time sucks into a bag of golden ideas.


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