themillToday I’m happy to announce we’re starting a new weekly edition on the blog. The Mill will feature some of the hottest startup stories and resources to hit the web from the past week. Curated by the PAYMILL team we hope you’ll discover something new and to help you stay updated on all the latest things happening in the startup world. Here are some things that grabbed our attention this week.

This week in startups

Supercell sells 51% stake to SoftBank and GungHo for $1.5 Billion: Without a doubt, this was the biggest news of the week. Finnish gaming startup Supercell – who are responsible for my Clash of Clans addiction – tripled their $770 million valuation back in March to $3 billion this week. TechCrunch reports on the story above, and also includes the announcement from CEO Ilkka Paananen.

Clash of Clans is one of Supercell's top games and just recently became available on Android

Clash of Clans is one of Supercell’s top games and just recently became available on Android

Product Managers: Who are these ‘mini-CEOs’ and what do they do? If you’ve ever wondered what product managers get up to, TNW’s Ken Yeung does a fantastic job describing what they do in this detailed article.

product managers

6 things wrong with the ‘Lean Startup’ model (and what to do about it): It’s not everyday you come across somebody criticising the lean startup movement, but that’s testament to its rise in popularity. Nevertheless this post outlines some interesting arguments worth checking out and discussing.

Image courtesy of Betsy Weber via Flickr

Eric Ries founder of the lean startup movement – Image courtesy of Betsy Weber via Flickr

What I Wish I Knew Before Pitching LinkedIn to VCs: LinkedIn cofounder Reid Hoffman dispels 7 myths about pitching. Hoffman also shares LinkedIn’s series B pitch for anybody interested in the finer details of the pitching process.

Image courtesy of Coletivo Mambembe via Flickr

Image courtesy of Coletivo Mambembe via Flickr

Want to Work for a Startup? Start Something First: For anyone interested in working for a startup, remember this: It’s all about execution! This post published on Mashable outlines five things you can do to impress startups into hiring you.

This Netflix employee just raised the bar for awesome customer service: Need some inspiration how to deliver exceptional customer support? Then check out this post over at VentureBeat to find out what this Netflix employee did to please a customer.

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13 Tips From Breaking Bad for Startups: This blog takes the lessons learnt from hit television show Breaking Bad and shows you how to apply them in the startup world. A must read for all Breaking Bad fans!

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