Editor’s note: Every once in a while we like to feature startups on the blog whose services might be useful for you. In this post we got in touch with Kickshops and their Co-founder Vedran Rudelj to find out more about their mobile commerce platform.


Where ever you go, you’ll spot somebody glaring down at their smartphone. Ever since the iPhone was introduced in 2007, it’s transformed an industry – opening up many opportunities for both developers and businesses.

One recent trend that has seen significant traction is mobile commerce (m-commerce) which is set to reach $119 billion worldwide in 2015. And there is significant room for improvement in that space when it comes to:

  • Maintaining site performance
  • Having a good mobile design
  • Mobile payments and security, and;
  • The limitations of small displays

Nevertheless, these all represent an opportunity for startups to develop a better mobile experience. One of those startups is Kickshops who are based out of Switzerland.

The Swiss startup is available in 40 countries, and enables small medium sized businesses (SMBs) enter the world of m-commerce by helping them set up an shop ready for mobile devices.

According to Co-founder Vedran Rudelj, they wanted to created a product focused on; accessibility, usability and performance.

“The whole Admin Interface is optimised for all web enabled devices. You can sign-up from a smartphone and manage the shop with any other device. No need for a native application, as everything is web-based.” explains Rudelj.

How does it work?

After signing up to the platform, users can start customising the shop with their own branding, begin adding products and filling in their shop’s details (Contact, About, Term and Conditions, etc.) – where they also have a choice of several payment methods.


Due to their focus, their m-commerce platform is ideal for road warriors. But also enables people without a desktop to start selling online.

On the pricing front, Kickshops does not charge any initial or recurring fees. However they charges a percentage fee for every transaction.

How did it all get started?

“After successfully launching a few custom made mobile-friendly shops (frontend & backend) for some clients, we knew there will be more demand for this. We just needed to build a scalable solution,” describes Rudelj.

And so they got to work by sketching their ideas on paper and began coding their platform. Whereby the team developed the backend and frontend simultaneously.

To get the word out in the beginning they simply spread the news to their personal networks and used social media to attract users to test it out.

What to expect next?

When asked what the future holds for the m-commerce platform, it’s clear Rudelj has big plans for what they want to accomplish in the coming years.

“We will focus on further growth in the emerging markets, as they are mostly mobile-only users. In 5 years Kickshops will be available not only in Europe but in the whole world. It will have more features, payment methods etc. while staying as usable, accessible and as fast as today.”

It will be interesting to see how Kickshops develops, and with 30% of ecommerce site traffic coming from mobile – they deliver a practical way for online businesses to start optimising their shops for mobile devices.

Rudelj also shared some advice for aspiring startups, “Don’t plan too much. Execute your ideas when they are fresh. Design & Development should be done by the same people or a team which works closely together.”

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