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Five Signs that Your Mentor Is Giving You Bad Advice: Having a mentor on your hands can certainly help you through the rough patches of your startup journey. The role of the mentor is to give you advice and guide you into the right direction. But you’ve still got to be got careful in distinguishing the good advice from the bad! Professor Robert I. Sutton over at HBR outlines five things to look out for when seeking the help of mentors.

Why You Shouldn’t Raise Huge Rounds Before You Launch: You would think a boatload of cash can make any startup into an instant success. But think again. Ben Parr describes how the weight of expectations can crush startups after they’ve raised tens of millions in VC funding.

raising funding

How to stay productive when you work in an open office: Finding it hard to concentrate in an open office? Chances are that while it can help promote a more collaborative culture, it can be a productivity killer when you need to buckle down and focus on more analytical thinking. Fortunately, these set of tips can help you overcome distractions and keep you productive throughout the day.

5 Lessons to Sync Social Media With Your Email Strategy: Need to add more fuel to your content marketing engine? Then you might want to align your email marketing together with your email marketing efforts to give your business a boost in traffic and conversions. This post over at Social Mouths demonstrates the different roles social media and email play in your marketing efforts. But also goes to give you some practical tips on how to bring the two into sync.

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10 Body Language Tips Every Speaker Must Know: Got a presentation coming up and want to woo your audience? This infographic by SOAP Presentation illustrates how your body language is just as important as the words coming out of your mouth. Check it out by scrolling down for all the details.


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