We have big news for you today! Exactly in time for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where the whole world is meeting to discuss the next big thing in mobile, we are happy to announce that we are releasing Mobile SDKs for Android and iOS very soon.

We are convinced that MOBILE and M-Commerce is playing such a significant role in the very near future and we want to make it easier to accept payments via MOBILE. We know that it can be a pain until now to accept in-app payments, support subscriptions etc.

All this will be possible via our solution. We are very excited about it!

The SDKs for Android and iOS will be launched in March. The SDKs include simple high level calls to create transactions, preauthorizations, generate tokens, list transactions and preauthorizations.

While developing the SDKs, we focused primarily on enabling the easiest integration possible. We especially cared about reliability and security aspects. A sample app will showcase the integration and include payment screens for you to style, as well as a default validation and processing logic.

Interested? Join the beta test.

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