We’re happy to release a new feature today:

You don’t have the time to send invoices to your clients manually? Furthermore you are interested in knowing whether a transaction with your customer was successful or not? Then the new add-on PAYMILL AutoInvoicingBETA is just right for you.

  • Activate automatic invoicing for your customers
  • Customize invoicing templates
  • Save invoices on Google drive

Our new multi-language-currency-AutoInvoicing feature allows you to create your customized invoices automatically, in the preferred currency and language of your customers.

You can add a description and several basket items to the invoices – and all of this in your own corporate identity. The invoices are attached as a PDF file and sent from your own e-mail address. You also get an e-mail notification when a transaction or subscription was successful or not completed successfully.

Curious? Try it! Now!

Check it out here: AutoInvoicing Video

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