We, the PAYMILL team, expanded the range of our services for you and are pleased to offer you SOFORT as a new payment method.

How does SOFORT work?

SOFORT works the same way as payment in advance.
1) The customer submits his online banking pin + TAN to SOFORT to make a transaction.
2) As a merchant you will receive the payment confirmation immediately and can send the goods directly to the customer.
3) SOFORT can also use the PIN to retrieve the customer’s account status to check the account assignment.

Your benefits as a merchant

Fast payment

With SOFORT you can offer your customers a very fast payment processing. Due to the payment confirmation that you receive instantly from SOFORT you will be able to dispatch the goods much quicker!

Secure payment

SOFORT is one of the safest payment methods currently available. The banking details of the customer are stored at SOFORT and are not passed on to the merchant. As an additional security step, a TAN is generated after the PIN entry and is transmitted via SMS, via APP or a TAN generator.

Optional buyer protection

SOFORT offers the buyer an additional protection. In the case of non-delivery of the goods, the customer gets his money back.

Would you like to integrate SOFORT with PAYMILL?

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Lena Seydaack

Lena Seydaack is Head of Marketing at PAYMILL and responsible for marketing since 2016. She brings years of experience in the field of content marketing. As a freelancer, she advised B2B companies in Online Communications and set up the content strategy for CANCOM as a team lead.