Every day online fraud and identity theft threaten businesses of all kinds. As an online business owner it is important to understand how fraud has evolved as well as the prevention measures you can take to prevent it.

In many cases, fraud can be prevented with human intervention in combination with technology. One common way is by integrating 3-D secure into your checkout, which is a security protocol that helps ensure the customer is actually the credit card holder.

To find out more about e-commerce fraud, scroll down to check out our infographic which highlights some alarming numbers regarding fraud and what you can do to help prevent fraudulent transactions. It’s always better to be in the safe side than to lose thousands in chargeback fees, sales and inventory.

 Online fraud infographic

What online merchants should know about<br /> online fraud

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<a href="https://blog.paymill.com/online-fraud"><img src="https://blog.paymill.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/paymill_infographic_online_fraud_150522.png" alt="What online merchants should know about online fraud" width="780px" border="0"></a><br>Infographic by <a href="https://www.paymill.com/">PAYMILL</a>

By following the three easy steps explained above you’ll be able to reduce fraudulent transactions and save your business from having to pay costly chargeback fees. However please bear in mind that these prevention measures will help you prevent fraudulent activities but it does not guarantee that your online shop will be 100% fraud-free.



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