OpenSSL vulnerabilityBy now you’ve probably heard about the OpenSSL vulnerability named Heartbleed. A bug which is estimated to have affected two thirds of the internet. But in true startup-fashion we moved quickly to make sure all your data stayed safe.

The response

We first became aware of Heartbleed early Monday morning (7.4.2014) when we moved fast to update and patch our systems which store sensitive information. We have been updating our SSL Certificates, and are monitoring the ongoing implementation and testing of our service providers. Our blog, status page and other applications we use were also patched to make sure we closed all potential vulnerabilities.

So far we are not aware of any breaches. But as security is one of our top priorities here, our team is continuously performing security checks to ensure everything is secure.  The team is also keeping its ears open for any new information regarding Heartbleed that becomes available.

Please keep in mind we perform these types of checks every day and they have been part of our daily routine since the very beginning of our operations.

To-do list

In the meantime we recommend merchants to take the following actions just to be on the safe side of things.

However as a general precaution, we advise everyone to change their passwords on a regular basis. To make sure your passwords are strong we recommend the following:

  • A minimum 12 character password
  • At least a special character
  • At least one uppercase and lowercase letters
  • At least one digit

Basically you should not have a password like qwerty which would be one of the weakest passwords you could use!

Feel free to pass along this information to your users in case they have any concerns. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our support team.

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