A Cybersecurity Agenda: A Framework for Your Business

0 comments / March 28, 2017

Editor´note: This is a guest post by Faith, a cybersecurity and technology blogger for Secure Thoughts.

In recent years, going online with your business has become a necessity, increasing the opportunities available to cybercriminals. Since hackers and cybercriminals are getting more active, it is only a matter of time before someone tries to hack your business. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, phishing campaigns target small businesses 43 percent of the time. They target your money, and they’re after your customers’ information, which is often far more valuable on the black market. With this set of threats in mind, you need a plan of action for your business should you find yourself a victim. This is where a cybersecurity agenda comes into play. It is a document strategy managers (and employees) can refer to in the event of an incident or during regular company maintenance. It allows everyone to stay on the same page and react efficiently and effectively, ideally minimizing or prevent damage.

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Call to Action

The Secrets of the Best Converting CTA Buttons Unveiled

0 comments / March 22, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Tommy Stone, a affiliate manager at Template Monster

Many of those who strive for high profits are dreaming of only one word – conversion. It sounds like music as it promises high revenues from your online presence. Google Analytics defines a conversion as “the completion of an activity that is important to the success of your business”. So, for one website a sign-up for a newsletter is a conversion (a Goal conversion), for another website, it’s a purchase (an E-commerce conversion). No matter, what type of conversion you adhere to, it’s important that you built the right strategy to reach high conversion rates. You can read more about the ways to improve your conversion rate here.

There are many factors that play a role in your site’s conversion rate. To increase conversions, you may optimize the layout of your website and make sure that the content that triggers conversions is above the fold, you may create a powerful landing page, offer various payment options, and much more. However, the most effective conversion-generating element of your website is call-to-action buttons.

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PHP Developer

Hire a PHP developer to comprehend codes for smooth functioning of your website

0 comments / March 14, 2017

Editor´s note: Alex is a Web Developer, Editor and Contributor at AIS Technolabs, a Webdesign and Development Company.

Developing a website involves many steps. For a website to be functional, a major portion of the responsibility depends on the PHP developers. They are the ones who are going to decode your dream into reality. If these individuals failed to build a proper link between code, programming, technology and latest tactics, your website will fail to create the required impression.

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6 eCommerce Mistakes that Startups Overlook

1 comment / March 7, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Shetul Majithiya, a Digital Marketing Executive, working for Empiro Technologies.

Building a successful eCommerce business is tough. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is the mistakes which teach us the best lessons. But does that mean we have to make mistakes to learn things? The world is growing faster than ever and at this pace, startups cannot afford to learn from their own mistakes. Most of the articles revolving around the topic ‘ecommerce mistakes’ talks about the exact same thing like poor description of products, not enough images, and faulty checkout process. You get it, you have read about it and you have implemented it. But have you achieved your goal? I have been consulting eCommerce businesses for almost three years now; most of them understand that they need good description, high-quality product image and a clear checkout process. There are even ready-made tools available to help you fix those mistakes. In this article, I am going to talk about the most overlooked mistakes committed by eCommerce startups so that you can avoid them and focus on generating revenue. So, let’s take a look at them one by one.

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Daniela Gonzalez PAYMILL Head of Onboarding & Underwriting

Website compliance requirements in e-commerce – what should online retailers consider?

0 comments / March 1, 2017

If you are planning on selling goods or services online you will need a merchant account in order to accept credit card transactions. Payment processors and banks often request to review your website’s terms and conditions as well as other policies and/or information on your website before they issue you with a merchant account.  Read more

cyber attacks

How to Protect Your E-commerce Site From Cyber Attacks

0 comments / February 28, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Megha Parikh, an interactive DIGITAL MARKETER with the passion for achieving success.

Like the wolf’s eyes that always preys on the hen’s pen, a hacker’s eyes always scurries to steal your online store’s data. Hackers are ripping off credit card information, personal identity credentials and even sensitive organizational data (including those of governments) from online databases. The Internet is not a safe place to hoard your data anymore. For eCommerce businesses, the risk is even grave. The entire business model is pillared on trust. In the words of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, “For eCommerce, the most important thing is trust.” We can’t agree anymore. The moment customers start losing trust on your website, they will start logging into your store. With that conversions will go down a spiral pulling your store’s profitability along with it. That said, the security worries of eCommerce business owners are mounting. They are left clueless about:

  • How to keep sensitive information safe?
  • What counteractive measures should one adopt?
  • What common mistakes must one steer clear of?

We’ll explain all this and much more in this article.

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Time management apps

Seven Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Time and Declutter Your Everyday Life

0 comments / February 21, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Jeff E. Brown, a freelance writer from Oregon with a knack for lifehacking and DIY projects.

Life is full of commitments. Going to work, taking the kids to their activities, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, going to various appointments – it all takes time management. Sometimes we find ourselves forgetting what we need to do or even getting caught up on one task and neglecting the next. If this is you, don’t worry. There is a way to solve your problems. The answer is through time management apps. There are many such apps out there, and we will be covering the best seven available, but you can additionally search for others as well. Here goes!

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4 Creative Ways for Business to Generate Leads

1 comment / February 14, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Dante Munnis, a content manager on

When you have a business, it is essential that you keep the leads coming in. The problem, of course, is how do you do that? Sure, you can do it the old-fashioned way. The problem with that is that people have been exposed to the tried and true methods to such an extent that sooner or later they are going to start ringing false. It is not just that either. Sometimes you need a bit of creativity for your employee’s sake as well. After all, if they have to repeat the same script and the same methods over and over again, they are going to get tired and possibly even fed up. That is not a ticket to employee retention. So, here we’re going to look at some techniques that will both generate leads and let you be a bit more creative in how you generate them.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting Your Own E-commerce Business

0 comments / February 6, 2017

Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Trevor McDonald, a freelance writer from San Diego who enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge on e-commerce, software and IT technology with readers everywhere.

Competition in e-commerce business is growing by leaps and bounds. That’s a good thing, and you shouldn’t let it discourage you. If you have something of value to offer to consumers, your startup has every chance of succeeding. There’s no better time to launch your online business. From 2014 to 2015, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, e-commerce sales increased by almost 15 percent. Almost 70 percent of consumers would rather shop online than in brick-and-mortar outlets.
There’s no proven formula for building a profitable company. Overnight successes are rare. There are, though, some do’s and don’ts that can give you a competitive edge.

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7 e-commerce trends not be missed by online shops in 2017

0 comments / January 31, 2017

As competition increases in e-commerce with an ever-growing populated market, merchants have to make sure to align with upcoming digital trends to be able to compete with bigger players. Web shops have therefore to be constantly adapt and rely on smart solutions in order not to fall in the highly competitive challenge of attracting new customers. A clear commitment and customer focused positioning can help smaller e-businesses to stand out from the crowd. As Payment Service Provider, we at PAYMILL are at the heart of the e-commerce market, witnessing changes and setting new trends. In this blog post I would thus like to share with you our 7 most important trends that we were able to identify for the current 2017 year.

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