Today we’re extremely excited to introduce our PayPal integration to the PAYMILL API!

Around the world, credit and debit cards are the most widely used payment method, but they are definitely not the only one. The volume of payments processed through digital wallets is increasing dramatically, and gives your customers an easy way to pay for your products.

Digital wallets encourage your customers to checkout more often by ensuring they are able to choose from a selection of  payment methods that is most convenient for them. This is particularly apparent on mobile checkouts, where the ease of not having to manually input card details is a huge benefit to your customers.

Lately, we’ve been working very hard to enable online shops to easily add the largest one of these, PayPal.

Why did we build the PayPal integration?

We noticed a lot of our merchants already use PayPal to accept payments together with credit and debit cards, so we decided to make adding the world’s largest digital wallet to your checkout more convenient for you.

With the new PayPal integration, we also wanted to make it easier for you to manage your online payment data so you could save time and effort without having to switch between different accounts. Within the PAYMILL Merchant Centre you only need to login once to view, manage, analyse and refund your PayPal transactions, alongside your debit and credit card and SEPA Direct Debit transactions.

But that’s not all, we also wanted to deliver a product that would deliver an even smoother checkout experience for your customers. With the addition of PayPal into one simple API, you’ll benefit from being able to cover over 90% of all online purchases in the majority of European countries, which will help you increase your checkout conversion rate.

Getting started


Once you’ve got a PAYMILL account, it’s easy to add PayPal to your website or mobile application with just a couple of lines of code. The following code is all you need to add to your PAYMILL integration and to start accepting PayPal payments

paymill.createTransaction({type: "paypal", checksum: "chk_2f82a672574647cd911d"});

Check out the documentation to find out how to fully integrate PayPal into your checkout.

Once you’ve done this, you just need to connect your activated PayPal business account within your PAYMILL dashboard – and you’re all set!

You can also customise your PayPal checkout, add a logo or specify your business name, all from within your PAYMILL Merchant Centre.

With PayPal and card payments integrated into your checkout with PAYMILL, you’re able to accept payments globally in more than 100 currencies, which allows you to scale internationally from the get-go. You also don’t need to worry about any updates to the PayPal API, as they are handled by us, making sure the system is future-proof.

For more information click here to learn more about our PayPal integration

Note: This is not the PayPal PLUS product



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