seedcamp_largeFive days, 20 startups and 300 individual mentors. That’s Seedcamp Week in a nutshell – Seedcamp’s flagship event.

The event takes place every quarter in two of Europe’s largest breeding grounds of startups – London and Berlin. Last week London was the host city, during a time when a strike disrupted public transportation for 48h. Nevertheless, most people found their way to Campus London. And there was not an empty seat to be found while 20 startups were give 3 minutes to pitch their product or service.

Each day has its own theme and last Thursday was Product Day which kicked off with a keynote presentation, followed by the pitching and a masterclass from an industry expert. Afterwards it was time for the mentoring sessions to begin. And I had the pleasure of meeting (and mentoring) 5 teams; Lodgify, Pynco, Spark, Stockflare, Svipe and Swipes – all of who seem to be doing a fine job.

But as I mentioned in the beginning, there were 20 startups on stage last week. However in the end, the ultimate goal is to get picked to become a part of the Seedcamp Family, whose portfolio includes 110 startups and the likes of Erply, Fishbrain and Zemanta.

Today Seedcamp announced who their newest members to the program are. So starting with the selected startups and in no particular order, you’ll find a brief description of them all below.

The 8 startups selected



A fintech company from London, Ellipitic focuses on Bitcoin and their first product is an insured storage service for your Bitcoins called Elliptic Vault. The team from London is aiming to transform the way money is used by making digital currencies more secure.



Formisimo is a tool that helps you analyse checkout processes and contact forms. The Manchester-based startup also has a feature that predicts when a customer is about to leave and lets you reach out to them before they leave.



Ever needed an employee at a moment’s notice? Estonian startup GoWorkaBit just might be what you’re looking for! During their pitch they claimed it takes “3 minutes to find an employee with GoWorkaBit.”’s promise is simple, “Turn any phone into the ultimate sales tool.” What they do is deliver data on the person you’re calling through a personalised dashboard that aggregates data from your CRM.



Lodgify describes itself as a “Shopify for accommodation” and lets users create their own rental website, who can also accept credit payments from visitors. The platform also hooks up your existing listings with other services like 9flats and roomorama to help you manage your bookings from one place.



Italian startup Tanaza wants to make enterprise WiFi affordable and available for SMEs, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Remote Villages. Their goal is to make installing WiFi easier for small businesses so they can deliver a reliable internet connection.


We are colony

Colony is creating a video-on-demand platform, with the aim of becoming the go-to place for independent films and alternative content. They describe themselves as a place where you can launch films early and build a following of loyal fans.



Wodd is a startup based out Paris, France with a hardware product for skateboarders. Their device fits underneath a skateboard, which is used for tracking its motion and other data that later gets sent to your smartphone through an application.

Other startups pitching at Seedcamp Week

BuyerDeck aims to help B2B sales representatives identify their most engaged buyers. Located in London and Riga, BuyerDeck delivers a platform allowing sales reps to capture and share insights with team members in a simple way.

Comprimato – is looking to speed up compression for videos and images. On their website their offer a selection of uses cases, such as; film productions delivering movies to theatres faster and saving bandwidth while transmitting high quailty video.

Concept Inbox is a startup out of Madrid, Spain that focuses on the needs of creative professionals. They provide an all-in-one solution for creatives to better manage their projects with clients.

Cryptopay – Developed by a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts, Cryptopay is a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin. Based out of London, UK, the startup is hoping to take the virtual currency mainstream.

ETFmatic – Through an online platform, ETFmatic is a product for busy professionals to invest monthly in ETFs.

Gamification TV – From Mexico City, Gamification TV is the only startup from outside Europe. Their startup aims to help television networks and video bloggers create interactive stories for their audiences.

Pycno is combining open source hardware with an online platform that allows you to control your devices wherever you are.

Spark is a Polish startup with an application that helps mobile developers track issues.

Stockflare is a mobile application aiming to attract people who are interested in trading stocks. While most applications focus on experienced investors, Stockflare is designed with the novice investor in mind by keeping things easy to understand and simple to use.

Svipe – Estonian startup Svipe is looking to get rid of loyalty cards with the use of their Svipe Box. Which lets consumers with a Bluetooth or NFC enabled device turn it into a loyalty card. The Svipe Box is wirelessly connected to the merchant’s POS and lets them register the consumer as part of their loyalty program.

Swipes is a personal task management application available on iOS and the web. The application is beautifully designed and works in a neat way. To complete a task simply swipe right and swiping to the left lets you schedule your tasks.

Undred – London-based Undred delivers a way for nightclubs, event organisers and stadiums to accept cashless payments through their online application.

Overall the event had a nice vibe to it which made it great for networking for both mentors and the startups. As you might have noticed, there was quite a bit of diversity in last week’s Seedcamp in terms of their market focus.

What about you? Do you have a favourite startup from Seedcamp Week?

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