Editor´s note: This is a guest post by Jeff E. Brown, a freelance writer from Oregon with a knack for lifehacking and DIY projects.

Life is full of commitments. Going to work, taking the kids to their activities, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, going to various appointments – it all takes time management. Sometimes we find ourselves forgetting what we need to do or even getting caught up on one task and neglecting the next. If this is you, don’t worry. There is a way to solve your problems. The answer is through time management apps. There are many such apps out there, and we will be covering the best seven available, but you can additionally search for others as well. Here goes!


Have you ever been mentally crammed with things that you need to get done, and you feel like your mind is overloaded? Well, that is where Mind42 comes in. Mind42 is a software that creates mind maps and allows you to visually organize information. With Mind42, you can create to-do lists, brainstorm ideas, and even organize activities.


Are you a forgetful person or even someone who does not prioritize properly? If you are, you can count on the MyLifeOrganized app. This excellent time managing app allows you to create new tasks and checklists with their due dates and dependencies. It helps with the prioritization of the most important activities. You can even rearrange tasks or assemble them in a tree by priority. Even better, MyLifeOrganized also allows you to break the tasks into sub-tasks, giving you even more control over your time.

Planner Pro

Planner Pro is another highly functional and editable time managing app. It is a Apple iTune app that gives you access to a daily calendar, task manager, and personal organizer. You can use it to become organized with events, tasks, and even take notes. Use the Planner Pro app to say “good bye” to forgetfulness and “hello” to completion!


You have a meeting at one o’clock. You have to take your daughter to a doctor’s appointment at four o’clock. Then your son has a practice soccer at six o’clock. So much to do and so much to remember in one day! Evernote is here to make the save. Evernote is an Apple iTunes app that allows you to manage your daily activities, from business appointments and personal appointments, to regular tasks such as tidying up and cleaning the house. In this particular app, you can take notes, create to-do lists, and save online materials. Evernote also has the feature of syncing directly to your phone, tablet, and computer automatically. With Evernote, you can input your daily schedules and keep track of what is completed.

[email protected]

Time management entails focusing. Many people find that their time is passing by because of their short attention span. have you ever been doing a task that takes thirty minutes to complete straight through, but while doing the task, you get sidetracked with something else? At the end of the task, you realize that you spent one and a half hours on the actual task instead of the half hour you expected. With [email protected], you are able to focus faster and longer, with scientifically optimized music to decrease your distractions and help you get stuff done effectively. This is an Apple iTunes app that provides music productivity. It keeps your attention in one place – with your specific task at hand.


With Any.do, all of your needs are met by the managing of your personal goals, family tasks, and your work projects all in one place. Your whole day is planned with this app and you can even sync your tasks from your mobile to your home computer. Use this app especially if you have a great amount of family activities and an extensive amount of work tasks. Your life will be easier with Any.do.


Have you ever been in a group project where everything is chaotic? It is a possibility that you have because everyone has at one time or another. Basecamp is a secure online space that allows everyone who is working together to track the work in progress. When a new project begins you will see it, track it, discuss it, and then act on it. Basecamp provides the feature to keep tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files in one place. Organizing tasks and time management is much easier with this app.

Final step: Get these apps! These seven time management apps are sure to keep your everyday life in order. Your regular tasks will be prioritized and met, leaving you with less stress and a clearer mind. No one needs to have a disorderly life because there are many resources out there that will provide you with the features needed to utilize time proactively. These seven apps, along with many others are designed to improve your time management, help you focus on the most important tasks at hand, and give you better control over your daily schedule.

Author Bio:
Jeff E. Brown  is a freelance writer from Oregon with a knack for lifehacking and DIY projects. Based out of his home office where his two dogs keep him company while he types, Jeff loves writing about home improvement topics and combining them with tech tutorials. When he’s not writing, he loves organizing barbecue parties in his garden.

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