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FastBill Automatic allows simple SaaS and subscription billing management with PAYMILL integration

What worked for years for gym memberships or DSL flats has become standard for e-commerce processes. Subscription commerce and SaaS business models have been established in more and more business areas, from music streaming services to software for project management or regular parcels with food or toys. But returning customer settlements (also: recurring billing or subscription billing) are a prerequisite for fast scaling and survival of online businesses. Whether 10 or 10,000 customers are billed, automation keeps the costs almost at the same level. To achieve this, however, the outsourcing of core tasks like client management, product and contract administration, invoicing or payments have to become a suitable solution by integrating clever software solutions.

This is exactly what FastBill Automatic, the new product from FastBill, is aiming at. All processes around product handling, payment, and invoicing are automated. This includes customer and tariff management, ready-to-integrate payment forms, automated payment collection via PAYMILL and the creation and delivery of invoices. Here are all product details at a glance:

1. Automated Payment Processing with PAYMILL integration

The software collects payments comfortably in the background in collaboration with PAYMILL – whether by direct debit or credit card. The money is automatically transferred into the user’s bank accounts within a few days. The integration is setup easy via simple hosted payment pages or via API. Both can be customized on request to an individual layout. For actions such as tariff changes or subscription cancellations FastBill Automatic also provides embeddable URLs/actions.


2. Manage customer and subscription rates

FastBill Automatic grows flexibly with all requirements of a modern e-commerce provider. Thus various subscription options like setup fee, trial period, upgrades and downgrades between products can be easily managed. In detail, FastBill Automatic offers several configration options:

Subscription intervals (weekly, monthly, etc.)

Setup fees

Monthly rates


Trial period

Addon products (fix oder usage based)

Period of notice

VAT configurations

FastBill Automatic is capable of handling subscriptions, one-off payments and fix or usage-based addons in addition to existing contracts. These services or products will be added automatically to the next due billing and noted on the invoice. And if a customer needs to be convinced – FastBill Automatic also allows free trial periods or freemium rates. A customer has to pay only when the trial period expired or is changed into a paid plan.


3. Integrated invoicing – Made in Germany

While the FastBill users take care of their store, products and customers, Fast Automatic provides the background for an integrated and legally compliant accounting, especially compliant within german and international regulations. FastBill Automatic clients can also invoice international clients by using different invoice templates, currencies or certain language forms. The invoice template editor – already known from the FastBill core product –  allows to create individual invoice templates with individual logos, layouts and wordings. An account history additionally helps to keep track of already sent invoices or – if necessary – of due reminders or credits.


4. Simple evaluations and beatiful dashboards

A well-arranged FastBill Automatic subscription dashboard shows the development of customers, products and sales. This helps every business to quickly find out which products are best-sellers, how the latest sales develop, or how often customers switch between different rates.



FastBill Automatic is the ideal “billing and payment engine” for recurring billing customers in scalable online businesses. Product management, hosted payment pages, automated payments and invoicing: The entire process can easily be outsourced with this solution. The new product was developed based on the established FastBill infrastructure and with many years of experience and is available immediately. With regard to the costs of 1,25% per transaction plus 49€ / month the calculation is fair and easy for any business.

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