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This week in startups

6 Examples of Content Marketing with Vine: Want to add video to your content marketing activities? Then what better way to get started than with Vine – the Twitter-owned social network that lets you record, edit and share 6-second videos on the fly! Here you’ll find six examples shared by Sherice Jacob that will hopefully give you some inspiration.

What it’s like to found a startup in Estonia: A country of just 1.3 million people has been making strides in the tech world recently. The Baltic nation introduced us to Skype, it has a government fully behind e-services (it takes 5mins to register a company) and coding is part of their school curriculum! In this post Timo Rein (cofounder & CEO of Pipedrive) describes the Estonian startup scene for us and the key differences between Estonia and US.

How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username: In what was the most talked about story of the week. Naoki Hiroshima recounts the events that led to him losing his $50K Twitter handle and the shocking revelations of how the attacker was able to gain access to his accounts.

6 Habits of Great Connectors: You’ll have noticed we’re big on networking here. Which is why we attended quite a few events last year. This post Ilan Mochari shares the tips of entrepreneur Scott Dinsmore on how to work the room and connect with people. Our favourite tip: Smile!

Startups, this is how design works: We all know how Apple started the design trend, and how design as a competitive advantage has spread through the ranks to other companies like Nest and Fitbit. Nevertheless, you’ll get a firm understanding of design here and some handy resources to help you find design talent for your startup.

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