themillWelcome to The Mill, our weekly roundup of the hottest startup stories and resources to hit the web. This week, we noticed startups took centre stage. Below you’ll find three interesting startups to look out for, along with a couple of stories you might find useful.

This week in startups


Based out of Berlin, Linko is a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) tool that automates the collection of sales activity data to a real-time social feed. They recently announced a $2.6 million seed round and in the process bought Localstream – whose location-based technology will be added into Linko.

Interestingly, while their headquarters are in San Francisco, for security reason they store your data in Helsinki, Finland.

linko app

For all the details on their latest news check out: CRM startup Linko gets $2.6M, buys up Localstream


Lets face it, if you’re working at a startup the only time you have to read is either during your commute or just staying up really late. Fortunately Blinkist is a startup who wants to help you read more by condensing an entire book into a 15 minute read.

At the moment they’re focusing on non-fiction releases and are adding on average 20 book per month.

blinkist enterperneuship

For anyone who’s interested in startups, entrepreneurship and marketing; Blinkist already has neat collection worth checking out!


After Google’s acquisition of Nest, hardware startups are picking up the pace now. The past year we’ve seen hardware specific initiatives emerge such as the Berlin Hardware Accelerator and events like Makerland in Poland.

relayr wunderbar

Relayr has recently started their crowdfunding campaign for a hardware kit for developers called Wunderbar. The kit takes the form of a chocolate bar and consists of seven detachable modules – enabling developers to create apps using data from the physical world.

Wunderbar features SDKs for for iOS, Android and Node.js, a REST API, Bluetooth Low Energy (Beacon) and WiFi.

For more details check out their campaign here

Other stories from the week

7 Steps To Organize A Productive Week Easily: Ever get the feeling there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? This post over at LifeHack shows seven steps to make sure you set yourself up for a productive week.

5 ways to get through writer’s block or content marketing fatigue: One of the main challenges of content marketing is maintaining your flow of ideas and creativity. I’ll be the first to admit it can get a bit challenging at times. But fortunately we can count on the folks at Buffer to give us five tips on how to overcome those challenges.

The winners and losers in Google’s acquisition of Nest: While it’s not sure whether you’ll need a Google+ account to use Nest – Google’s recent acquisition took many by surprise this week. Especially when many industry spectators had the clean tech and home device company down for an Apple purchase, with cofounder Tony Fadell being a former Apple executive. In this post, GigaOm’s Jeff John Roberts examines the winners and losers in this deal, which makes for an interesting analysis.

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