No matter what fast moving consumer good you’re purchasing – in most cases you can always find a subscription for it.


The busy consultant, who gets new black socks every month (London Sock Company), the girl next door, that wants to try out cosmetics every month (LoveLula), the old lady whose subscription is filled with treats and food for her dog (Barkbox).

Everything seems to be “subscribable” nowadays. The old-school model of newspaper-subscriptions is not even considered as an example anymore. Subscriptions have conquered almost every online business and guys can now also get their razors delivered straight to their doorstep (Dollar Shave Club).

For that reason, we want to improve our subscription solution for our users.

And to get a better understanding of what you need and want, we set up a short survey.

If you run a subscription business and have five minutes to spare – we’d love to get your opinion!


We’ll also publish the results of the survey later so be sure to follow PAYMILL on Twitter.

PAYMILL Editorial Team

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