techcrunch disrupt europe 2013With TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin behind us, it’s time to reflect back on the event with some memorable tweets. As you might have guessed the PAYMILL team was in Berlin earlier this week to attend the first ever Disrupt in Europe, and we’ve collected some entertaining tweets to share with you.

The event kicked off last Saturday with a hackathon where folks had 24 hours to turn ideas into a tangible product to show off. We witnessed 91 teams participate with hacks that ranged from mood maps to creating a pay wall for your email. In the end Foursquare preCheck-in was the overall winner with an app that allows people to show where they’re going next by checking in before they arrive at the location.

However things were not all business, and there was definitely time for some laughs during the event as you’ll discover from the Tweets below.

12 Tweetable Moments From Disrupt Berlin

You know conference season is in full effect when three major startup events are organised in the same week. Although it can be a major hassle logistically, it goes to show how Europe is emerging as a genuine challenger to Silicon Valley.

Alexia Tsotsis sat down with Sean Rad to talk about Tinder – an app that delivers a mobile platform to meet new people. Rad pointed out that celebrities use the app, although he didn’t tell us who exactly. But Ellie Habib has his own idea which celebrity is probably using the app.

And while we’re still on Tinder, much was made out of Tsotsis choice of clothes for her interview with Rad. We’ll leave you to make your own interpretations here.

At a time when you’ve probably heard the voice of Ned Stark in your head telling you, “Winter is coming.” Dave McClure shows us there’s nothing to fear by wearing flip flops at Disrupt Berlin.

Ijad Madisch reflects upon his first meeting with Bill Gates which with Gates investing $35 million into ResearchGate together with Benchmark, Founders Fund and Accel.

The judges were a little skeptical about whether the app worked in a real-life situation, and went ahead to ask for a non-rehearsed demo.

Dave McClure was one of the judges for Disrupt Berlin’s Startup Battlefield and tells us how difficult the decision must have been to choose the winner.

Day 2 kicked off somewhat bizarrely when founder of the Factory Simon Schaefer gave Mike Butcher a grenade as a gift. Which leads us to the following tweet below.

The question on everybody’s mind. How on earth is Mike Butcher going to explain this to airport security?

Okapi was the winner of our award during the hackathon for the best integration of the PAYMILL API. Their idea is simple: When you’re very busy and don’t want to receive huge amounts of email you turn the “Busy” mode on your phone which asks people to pay you in order to receive their emails and treat them as important.

Airbnb’s Nate Blecharczyk dived into how they’ve been growing the company in Europe and how their focus has always been on the end user. Blecharczyk also confirmed that they raised a $200 milion round led by Founders Fund, although he didn’t say at what valuation.

It certainly wasn’t an old crowd at Disrupt Berlin, with some getting a taste of startup life at a very early stage.

Weren’t able to catch us at Disrupt? Don’t worry! We’re still on the road and you can find out where we’ll be at by checking out: Where to meet us next?

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