At PAYMILL we love our merchants and are enthusiastic about their products and services. That is why we choose every month one of them to be our amazing Merchant of the Month. Doing so, we select particularly innovative business models, exciting products or unusual services.

We are proud to present Ballardier Watches as a new Merchant of the Month.

Please describe briefly your company: What is your business model?

Ballardier produces high quality & trendy designer wrist watches for reasonable prices. All designs are carefully made by ourselves at our small old town office in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia. Our watches are currently exclusively for sale through our web store at and we’re reaching customers all around the world through our social media accounts and activites. All watches are stored at one of our warehouse partners‘ locations and are ready to ship worldwide to wherever our customers are located.


What do you like the best about PAYMILL?

With our web store being our primary sales channel and since we’re using Shopify as our eCommerce platform it makes PAYMILL the absolute best option for us being a European startup. The process is very simple, as PAYMILL understands the needs and nature of European businesses. They are connected with German acquiring banks and their pricing is on par with all the major north american competitors allowing us to compete with the other companies in our industry!


Do you have currently a special promotion campaign running?

We currently don’t have any special promotion, however we might be having some promotion as our new models are coming out sometime in November 2017.

Lena Seydaack

Lena Seydaack is Head of Marketing at PAYMILL and responsible for marketing since 2016. She brings years of experience in the field of content marketing. As a freelancer, she advised B2B companies in Online Communications and set up the content strategy for CANCOM as a team lead.