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Want to Build and Launch Your First Product – Here’s What Not to Do: A sudden spark of creativity can ignite an idea that has the potential to become a full-fledging business. However the missing ingredient needed to get your idea into the market is execution.

Yet for what it’s worth, you could be on the wrong path and building something nobody wants. There’s a reason why the Lean Startup methodology has become so popular. And it’s because it forces you to step out of the building and find out exactly what the market wants by spending as little time and money as possible. Compare that with being holed up in your Bat Cave and working on something nobody cares about.

Over on Startup Clarity it highlights 22 things NOT to do when building and launching a new product. In case on short on time, here’s a brief summary of the post:

  1. Keeping the idea secret
  2. Building a solution looking for a problem
  3. Getting stressed over the competition
  4. Not being interested in your market
  5. Putting all your eggs in one basket
  6. Quitting your day job
  7. Selling a “nice to have” product
  8. Constantly designing, branding and naming your product
  9. Calling the lawyer
  10. Buying all the domains
  11. Talking to VCs
  12. Thinking too big
  13. A/B testing
  14. Ignoring your audience
  15. Ignoring business users
  16. Undercharging and over-selling
  17. Ignoring your close network
  18. Not finding a work/life balance
  19. Wishing it be a success
  20. Hoping for it to be a success
  21. Doing it alone, and finally;

For all the details simply follow the link above. And while we’re on the topic of launching new products, you probably want to do everything you can to increase conversions, which brings me to this very hand list below.

75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts: Copywriting is simple. It’s meant to sell your products through words! In the end it’s always a balance between great usability, design and copy. Where all three contribute to establishing your credibility, building a relationship and converting people into paying customers. In this post you’ll discover a whopping 75 resources that will turn you into a copywriting wizard.

Inside The Facebook-WhatsApp Megadeal: Ever wondered what goes on in the background of major deals between Facebook and WhatsApp? Forbe’s Parmy Olson recounts the events leading up to the $19 billion deal and how Zuckerberg courted WhatsApp for two years before welcoming them to Facebook.

Why is it so hard to innovate in the e-mail space? Email has been around for ages. And if you were asked what has changed since you first starting using email, you’d be hard pressed for an answer. Nevertheless, Front’s Mathilde Collin takes a look at the difficulties involved in building new or improved email products and delivers some insights into why last major innovation to email was Gmail way back in 2005.

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