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Startup events are fantastic, because you get to meet your customers, you’re able to meet new people and you’re exposed to new ideas and inspiration.

Sure we have social media, but does it really beat the atmosphere of attending events and the thrill of meeting someone new? No it does not! And while we’re on the topic of social media, the primary goal is usually to get together offline for a coffee, meeting or some other sort of face-to-face interaction.

Here at PAYMILL we go by the saying, “People over Pixel!” Which means getting yourself off your computer and being social whenever you can. After all, as Eric Ries likes to define them; startups are human institutions designed to create under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

But how do we take care of the ‘conditions of extreme uncertainty’? Simply by attending events to meet and talk with you! Because how else are we going to find out what matters most to our potential and current users.

That is why from now up until December 2013, we’ll be busy travelling on our European Tour, and attending the following events.

European Tour Dates: October – December 2013

October 2013

23.10 London Hacker News
26.10 Berlin TechCrunch Disrupt Europe
29.10 Dublin TechMeetups: Drinks and Demo Night
30.10 Vienna TechMeetups: Drinks and Demo Night
30.10 Vienna Pioneers Festival
31.10 Dublin Web Summit

November 2013

6.11 Lisbon Explorers Festival
6.11 Istanbul Webit Congress Turkey
8.11 Hamburg Developer Conference
13.11 Helsinki SLUSH
20.11 Bucharest How to web
21.11 Lisbon TechMeetups: Drinks and Demo Night

December 2013

4.12 Paris APIdays
10.12 Paris LeWeb

So if you’re in the neighbourhood or at any of these events, and want to meet up with us – just send us a tweet and we’ll get back to you.

Also make sure to follow @PAYMILL on Twitter to find out who from the team you’ll be able to meet.

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