My name is Philipp I’m 24 years old and I am working within PAYMILL’s Product Management and Business Development Teams during this summer!

My road to PAYMILL began this March when I was an exchange student, living in Seoul, South-Korea. When I applied I did not know at all what to expect. However now, after a few weeks, I can say that interning at a startup company is not only about a sharp learning curve. But it’s also very much about being responsible for the outcome of your work!

For instance, your work will involve many stakeholders and require you to be flexible and very much pro-active. This is very different from my previous work experiences at large corporations. I usually would receive tasks and execute them. No further questions asked.

At a startup, your work has the potential to directly impact customers and the company.

This goes with the incredible opportunity of being creative in how you do things, as long as you get it done. Again, working with a big established company will usually involve a defined process on how to do your work.

Whereas working within an entrepreneurial atmosphere not only is about the work, but also about passion! Something that all employees at PAYMILL share. This I believe is essential to enjoy the freedom provided.

You can best prepare for this experience by putting up the right mind set. You should be curious, ambitious and bold. Not being afraid to make mistakes.

Take any mistake as an opportunity for further learning and ask as many questions as possible.

Ultimately this is what will make a difference and will help you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Now why do I recommend working at a StartUp? It’s simple. Because this is where you learn!

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This is a guest post written by one of our contributors.