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This week in startups

Why I Turned Down $5 Million in VC Funding: Yes you read that correctly. And you’re probably thinking this guy is nuts for turning down this kind of offer. But take a moment to read Alex Turnbull’s (CEO & Founder of Groove) reasoning behind his decision and you’ll realise just why the funding wasn’t worth it for his startup.

Image courtesy of Groove

If this startup succeeds, you’ll only need to charge your phone once a week: After spending four weeks running around Europe attending startup events, this would have definitely come in handy. VentureBeat’s Christina Farr takes a look at what Ardica is doing, why they’ve been in stealth mode and when they’re going to deliver a battery that lasts a week.

charging smartphone

Image by Phil Roeder via Flickr

How to Increase Email Marketing Conversions: In an era where social media rules supreme, comes this other marketing channel. Email. Believe it or not, email is still a strong tool for engagement and its spending is expected to reach $2.5 billion by 2016. This infographic by Monetate displays some handy tips on how to increase your conversions.

email marketing

Quantified Startup: What Does A Startup CEO Actually Do?: Pixlee co-founder, Kyle Wong spent a week tracking how he spent his time as CEO. From the post you’ll get a nice understanding of what a CEO does every day and whether you think you’re up for the task.


With roughly 100 startup accelerators across Europe, how many are enough?: Sometimes it feels like there’s a new accelerator program popping up every damn week. So while it’s great that the entrepreneurial spirit is spreading across Europe, Robin Wauters asks whether there are just too many accelerators.

And finally, an infographic about infographics.

7 Superpowers of a Knockout Infographic
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