From time to time, you’ll have noticed people from other startups guest blogging here. But we were missing a post – just like this one – outlining how you can write for us and our guest blogging guidelines.

Here at PAYMILL we place a huge emphasis on collaboration and helping each other out. We also want to help you by getting your name and startup in front of more eyes.

So if you’re up to the task of writing an awesome guest post for us, just keep reading and you’ll find out how to get your post published.

The value of guest blogging

I’ll be the first to admit getting exposure for your new venture can be challenging – especially if you’re a first timer.

Fortunately, guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your business online. Not only does it enable you to expand your reach, but you’ll also attract new visitors back to your website and raise more awareness for your startup.

It’s also a fantastic way to network with others and showcase your expertise.

Write for us and be a guest blogger

What we’re looking for in a guest post?

Obviously, we won’t be publishing everything that comes our way. And we have a set of standards we’re aiming for to keep this blog as high quality as possible.

Essentially when you write for us, your guest post needs to be something useful, actionable and shareable for our readers!

On the PAYMILL blog we will publish content focusing on the following topics:

  • Online payments – insights and trends to lookout for
  • Optimisation tips for online stores
  • Helping startups grow
  • Startups to look out for
  • Ecommerce and mobile commerce
  • Entrepreneurship

Basically any topic related to helping our audience of startups and developers will do. But just remember it needs to meet the following quality guidelines:

  • Well written and unique: There’s a reason why Google frowns upon duplicate content
  • Aim for at least 1000 words: Your post needs some beef to it in order to deliver real insight into the topic you’re discussing
  • Attribution to media, images, quotes and statistics is a must!
  • Nothing self-promotional: You’ll get an area at the top of the post to explain who your are, along with a link back to your website

What makes a great blog post?

So what makes a great blog post? Below you’ll find the essentials to writing a killer guest post:

  • An attention grabbing headline:  Aim for a headline with a benefit in it
  • A captivating first paragraph: Draw people by explaining why the post is relevant to them
  • Short sentences: One thought per sentence
  • Short paragraphs: One idea per paragraph
  • Simple words readers have no problem understanding (you won’t get extra credit for fancy words)
  • Write as you normally talk in a conversation (this isn’t university!!!)
  • Use lists and numbers to break your post into sections (improves readability and does wonders on social media)
  • Include as many examples and statistics to back up what you’re writing

What to do next?

Before you start writing your blog post, we strongly recommend you send over your post’s headline and an outline. The last thing we want is for you to waste your time writing something that doesn’t get published on the blog.

Just spend around 10 minutes crafting your headline and outline and send it over to blogging [at] paymill [dot] com

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with feedback, and when you’re given the green light – it’s time to get writing.

Kostas Papageorgiou

Kostas specialises in content marketing and community management, who's focused on helping tech companies increase brand awareness and engagement to boost conversions.